Identifile: Star Industry


Stijn Kuijpers & Peter Beckers or []
goth-rock / dark-rock
Peter Beckers (voice / guitar)
Stijn Kuijpers (bass)
Xavier Vranken (guitar / backingvocal)
Peter Gerits (synths, samples)
Kurt Lantin (drums)
Marc Haerden (first drummer: '97-'99)
Christine Careghi (Live violin: '99-2000)
short bio
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The band saw the light of day in 1996, formed by Peter Beckers, Stijn Kuijpers and Xavier Vranken. They were operating under the name Gotland when they recorded the first 8 songs. Although the demo was never released, it reached enough people who were surprised in a positive way and wanted to hear more.

At the same time Marc Haerden became part of the band (1997), Gotland changed into Star Industry and they decided to record their first studio-album 'Iron dust crush'.
The album received a lot of positive comments in Belgium, as well as in the UK, Germany and other countries in Europe. At this moment the album is released for the third time. During this period Peter Gerits joins the band live on stage.

Star Industry made their live debut at the Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium (Black Easter Festival with Love Like Blood and Covenant) where they went down extremely well.
Due to the amazing response Star Industry went on to do many club-gigs in Belgium, Germany and the UK during their first campaign.
They have done gigs over the last two years with The Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, Paradise Lost, Praha Khan, Echo and the Bunnymen, Clawfinger, HIM, Crematory and many more.
They've got pressresponse in a lot of countries. Not only in Europe but they got also airplay in the USA, Australia, South Africa and the song 'Nineties' even topped the independent charts in Lebanon for 6 weeks.

After this they released the four-track cd: 'New millenium' at the Eurorock Festival 1999 (B). This single is at this moment also released for the second time. By the end of 1999, Marc Haerden leaves the band, followed soon by Christine Careghi. From this moment on, Kurt Lantin is the guy behind the drum kit.

The band released their new album 'Velvet'. Strong guitars with more samples. Drumloops and electronic sounds are combined to develop their own distinctive sound. To promote this album, they already played a co-headlining gig at both Gotham-festival in Londons Astoria and at the Eurorock-festival in Belgium. They also played the famous German M'era Luna-festival as well as a lot of club-gigs in Europe.


next album: end of 2002

other projects
Star Industry


Iron dust crush
Revelation records
Purple Moon
Iron dust crush
1 Nineties
2 Carry me
3 Crush
4 Egypt
5 Ceremonial
6 Sodium haze
7 Bloodmoon
8 Be real
9 Lady Daylight
10 Children

Purple Moon edition bonus tracks:
11 Egypt (live)
12 Ceremonial (live)

Millenium E.P.
Purple Moon
Millenium E.P.
1 New millennium
2 Kings and queens
3 Like a ghost
4 Sodium haze (new edit)

Purple Moon
1 Until eternity
2 Faith
3 Heart man angel
4 Coming down
5 The look
6 Believe
7 Fire & ice
8 Horizon
9 Like a ghost (remaster)
10 Another solution
11 Feast

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