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Timespasm 42:

I seem to get lots of visitors stumbling upon this site through perverted google-searches. Apparantly people search for 'girl lick own anus', 'big ass punishment' and wind up on this site. Please stop it. While I'm here, whilst writing the word 'anus' I had the most sublime revelation. I cannot tell of it, aside from the fact that there now will be a new section, dedicated to Eris and Chao, whose words I will twist to my satisfaction. In a sudden burst of lack of inspiration, I called the section Discordia. Hail Eris and all that. It'll take a while before it takes some shape, mainly because I cannot 'work' for more than 5 minutes a day or my head explodes. On an other topic, I noticed my Brother stealing my webspace to store his 'art'. Look here and here and pity his poor deranged mind.

Update: I'm fucking lazy, so make your own Discordian section dammit.

At The Mnomet:

2 more ttxes in psihhoploy.

Rhgit now, Tdoay:

I jsut reiaezld I don't rlelay have an indrctotioun pgae, nor any pcale wrehe you can see when and what I uatdepd. Wlel, no mroe of that, I'll satrt rhgit now. Smoe rlaley lnog tmie ago I mdae some new scoiten, I aslo had some texts uedpatd....tehn some mroe in a ltitle lses dsntiat psat, and if I rbmemeer colercrty, some mroe atefr that, in a tmie more colsley retlead to the pseernt. In the pseernt, wichh by now isn't pserent amnyroe, I put some mroe texts on.

To ceberlate this hdnay utdianpg fmarot, I'll end wtih an hkaiu:

update of texts

why am I writing Haiku?

I suck at it bad

Why, you ask? I do too.


Somewhere in the past, at some time or another:

As of now, there won't be any Crowley texts on this site, since William Breeze, the asshole claiming to be part of Ordo Templi Orientis, found it necessary to complain and bitch like a little girl to my ISP about the texts on my site which are supposedly copyrighted (though Crowley never copyrighted them, and meant them to belong to the public domain), and having them for free on my site disturbed his plan of scrounging money out of Crowley's cold dead hands.

If you like soap-operas, you might wanna read this about the history of the OTO, or this , this , this ,this , this , this ,and this , about the beloved 'Caliph', William Breeze. The word of Sin is Restriction, you recognize that phrase Breeze?

Anyway, enough talk about idiots and morons, I am not affiliated in any way with them, nor would I ever want to, so leave me the hell alone you greedy bastards, and go be busy acting all important, bickering over stupid issues, and generally being terribly annoying like ever, somewhere else. Silly people.


On entering this site you aknowledge that I'm in no way responsible for all the stuff on my site, all e-books are for research only, yadayadayada,... no one is allowed to enter this site, if you do and you are affiliated with coorporate magick cults like the current OTO, you must (a) lick your own anus, (b) get the fuck out, (c) burn out your eyes, (d) repeat step a to c, and (e) leave my whole persona alone for the rest of your life, and deny my existence whatsoever, on punishment of death.

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This disclaimer however, can be ignored if by nature you feel copyright and small fonts written by tightasses and bureaucratic drones are meaningless and to be ignored. There is no spork.