Computer Algebra Kit for Squeak.

Squeak is an implementation of Smalltalk-80. It's a flexible and powerful computer programming environment, that I extend with classes for computer algebra; I also use Squeak as ST-80 "reference implementation" for my Objective-C compiler, since that language is based on Smalltalk.

The Computer Algebra Kit is my set of classes for arbitrary precision arithmetic, for computing with polynomials, and for working with matrices of big integers, polynomials and so on. There are classes available for working with polynomials in various representations, such as degree dense variable dense recursive polynomials, or expanded (distributed) polynomials, over various coefficient domains.

Ideally, those classes should continue to correspond to their Objective-C counterparts, so that it perhaps remains possible to move back and forwards between either programming environment, depending on whether you want the fast-prototyping-oriented Squeak environment, or the raw-processing-speed production oriented environment of Unix/C/Objective-C.

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