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Concerts at Logos - 1970

Nederlandse tekst over 10 jaar Logos 1968-1979


In 1970 the people in the logos workshop were: Godfried-Willem Raes, Moniek Darge, Mark Desmet, Emmy Meirlaen, Etienne Baert, Jan Van Opstal, Roel Goussey, Jan Kerkhof, Frank Vercruysse. We had our rehearsal room in the 'Pand' in the infamous Patershol district in Ghent but later in the year, we moved our rehearsal spaces to Schoenlapperssteeg. Godfried-Willem Raes continued his activity as president of the Universitary Musicclub (UMG) and thus had the opportunity to organize new music concerts and to visit and invite musicians from abroad.

The group, operating as a chamber music ensemble, had a repertoire with pieces by Karlheinz Stockhausen, David Behrman, Morton Feldman, John Cage, Larry Austin, Cornelius Cardew, Earle Brown, Max Eugen Keller, Godfried-Willem Raes, Iannis Xenakis, Christian Wolff, Robert Ashley, Rolf Gehlhaar.

Further personal contacts were established with composer/performers/groups such as Cornelius Cardew, Sonic Arts Union, Gordon Mumma, Louis Andriessen, Peter Schat, Ladislav Kupkovic, Guenther Becker, Warren Burt, Claude Vivier, Max Eugen Keller, Paul Van Gijsegem, Dick Raaijmakers. Godfried-Willem Raes, together with Jan Van Opstal studied at Darmstadt with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gyorgy Ligeti.

20.01.1970: ProKA: Electronic Music concert at the Academie of Fine Arts: Lucien Goethals

22.01.1970: Confrontation concert: Avant garde (Logos Group)  versus free jazz (Paul Van Gijsegem Quintet)

10.02.1970: Tentoonstelling eigentijdse muziekpartituren: Akademie voor schone kunsten

17.02.70: Logos Ensemble, Koninklijke Akademie voor Schone Kunsten Gent: Muziek van Cornelius Cardew, David Behrman, Godfried-Willem Raes, Christian Wolff Mark De Smet Emmy Meirlaen Etienne Baert Jan Can Opstal Frank Vercruysse Oktaaf Van Geert Roel Goussey Godfried-Willem Raes

24.02.1970: Pianokwartet Martinu Emil Leichner, viool Josef Curda, altviool Antonin Duda, cello Emil Leichner jr, piano

26.02.1970: Avant-garde jazz: Pierre Favre kwartet

17.03.1970: ProKA: Enteuxis ensemble olv Raoul De Ghouy, Walter Lievens. Wham (olv. Boudewijn Buckinx)

17-18-19.08.70: Logos werkweek, Destelbergen: Godfried-Willem RAES >berichten en Berechten<

18.09.70: Logos try-out Koncert, Schoenlapperssteeg Gent

20.09.70: ProKA, Logos koncert

30.09.70: Logos try-out koncert, Schoenlapperssteeg Gent: Works by Cardew, Wolff, Logothetis, Brown, Raes

20.10.70: ProKA: Logos Koncert Klavecimbel recital hedendaagse muziek Johan HUYS (klavecimbel) Godfried-Willem RAES (electronics). Premiere of this 'Epitafium for Gamal Abdel Nasser' for harpsichord and electronics.

25.10.70: Logos Ensemble, Izegem, Stedelijke Akademie voor Muziek en Woord Wiljam Van Marsenille Frank Vercruysse Jan Van Opstal Etienne Baert Godfried-Willem Raes

27.10.70: St.Pietersabdij: Musica Elettronica Viva: Alvin Curran, Steve Lacy, Frederic Rzewski e.a.

24.11.70: Sint Pietersabdij Gent: 'Gruppe Fuer Musik', (Basel) Stockhausen Cage Earle Brown Max Eugen Keller

08.12.70: Musical Workshop Warshau olv. Zygmunt Krauze

09.12.70: ProKA: Kerstmuziek Schorremorre Logos




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