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Logos Quartet Concerto Antarktissimo



Op 18 januari jl. koncerteerde Logos live via satelliet op Palmer Island Antarctica!
Zo kunnen we u uiteindelijk fier meedelen dat Logos binnen een tijdspanne van 20 jaar, op alle werelddelen, het vijfde kontinent inbegrepen, heeft gespeeld.

Hier enkele indrukken, geplukt uit de briefwisseling, dwz de "e-mailwisseling" tussen Douglas Quin, de soundscaper op Antarctica en Moniek Darge…

My Dear Moniek:

Thanks so much for the beautiful excerpt from "Verbondenheid." I'll look forward to hearing the whole composition at some point! I am planning to put the MP3 file and your description on the local network here at Palmer, so others may enjoy it.

I do have some good news on this end about a Logos concert at Palmer Station. It took a little figuring out...but we can do it.

Here is what I propose. We can have you call in on the Inmarsat B line (I will give you the telephone number). We will then patch this into a Public Address system that goes to all the buildings on the Station. It is not very high fidelity, but it is better than a speaker phone and the sounds of music can be heard everywhere in our little community.

Think about how long a piece you would like to do and when might be a good time. Remember that we are 4 hours behind you in time. I have spoken with the communications technician and he is willing to set things up here. The Station Manager thought it was a great idea, too. We have to run the idea by one more person--the National Science Foundation representative. She arrives by ship this evening and we will probably have a meeting on Monday to discuss it. The next few days are very busy here with science groups heading out to sea and a bunch of new people and cargo arriving; that is why we have to wait a few days...

Let me know what you think and what you might want to do! It should probably not be too long an event, as it will be expensive for you and this would come in on our emergency, sea communications telephone line. But it does not have to be too short either.I am excited by this possibility, and another pin can go into the map in the kitchen at Logos!

Should be a lot of fun...let me know your thoughts.


Oh Dearest Doug,

So great! Just marvellous, that it will work out.
We propose Tuesday 18 around noon your time (16:00pm our time).
Do you think that's good for people there?
And the lenght: something between 15 to 20 minutes: does that sound reasonable?
Please let me know.
And thanks so very very much, that this is possible.
Do you want to know more about the programme or can it be a surprise?
I would announce everything we do in any case...
Much love, much thanks!


PS Thanks also for Verbondenheid! It's all a dream to me. Yiepiejeeee!

Dearest Moniek:

Sounds like lots of activity is afoot at Logos--with the Antarctic connection!
We are all very much looking forward to the concert...
Ce n'est pas un pingouin!


Hi dearest Doug,

This is all so exciting, I hardly can believe it. Your journal is so wonderful to read: it's a whole new world opening to me! Keep warm and I'll keep cool :-)
Much love,


Dearest Moniek:

We are getting ready for tomorrow's "Live via Satellite to Antarctica."
Everyone here is very excited and grateful that you are doing this.

It is a gloriously sunny day here today with almost no wind--very unusual. The bird folks, Bill Fraser and Donna Patterson, invited us to check on a chinstrap penguin colony well beyond our 3-kilometre boating limit at Dream Island. We are also going to check on a bunch of other birds as well: giant petrels, Adelie penguins, skuas and shags. Should be fun.

We will be standing by tomorrow at 16:45 (your time). Then, when we have the connection, Chip Dunn, the communications technician at Palmer will patch it in to our "all Call" public address system. The sounds of Logos will travel all over Station!

Much Love,

Dearest Doug,

This night I really was between the pinguins!
The picture of our Tetrahedron in your journal: what a strange mixture of places these days... seals flowing in and out of our concerthall... why not after all? And our programme was as follows:

CONCERTO ANTARKTISSIMO: from solo to duo to trio to quartet TO YOU
by the Logos Quartet:

Karin De Fleyt (flute)
Joachim Brackx (voice)
Godfried-Willem Raes (clarinet)
Moniek Darge (voice, fiddle from Mali, violin)

1. Storytelling (introducing ourselves to the Antarctic creatures) in jabbertalk and solo on fiddle from Mali (bringing some African heat for the people working on the South Pole) (Moniek)
2. Clarinet Violin duo (Logos Duo: Godfried and Moniek)
3. JoMo duo for two voices (Joachim and Moniek)
4. MoKa duo for flute and fiddle from Mali (Karin and Moniek)
5. Excerpt from Moniek's soundscape composition "Caete", with live performance on whistles and fingercymbals by the Logos Trio (Joachim, Karin, Moniek)
6. "The Logos Quartet Grand Antarktis Finale" for flute, voice, clarinet, violin

Con amore,

Dearest Moniek, Godfried-W., Joachim and Karin!

Thank you so much for the wonderful lunchtime concert and karmic energy. It was beautiful to be standing in the hallway listening to your sounds from the Tetrahedron Hall while looking out over the icebergs and porpoising penguins in Arthur Harbor. Different sensory worlds--as if in a dream!
Much love and many hugs and thanks again...

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