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"Soundies", by Moniek Darge

A brand new CD with older works of mine is just released in the United States.
Many thanks to Adris Hoyos and Graham Lambkin from New York!

Have a look at the cover of my brand new CD... perhaps you would like to hear the music too.
If so, just phone me or email me, please:

On the Soundies CD, you'll find following compositions, dating from 1980-2001:
- Stormfugle
- Fairy Tale
- Caete
- Verbondenheid
- Turning Wheel
- Sand

Collaborators on some of the compositions: Joachim Brackx, Godfried-Willem Raes and Yumiko

Review from the anti-naturals/swill radio page:

Moniek Darge Ė Soundies (Kye)
Superb collection of Moniek Dargeís soundworks. recorded between 1980 and 2001 and released now on Graham Lambkinís Kye. Iíve always liked most Logos Duo recordings and I love Dargeís solo LP, Sounds Of Sacred Places. Soundies is really a perfect follow-up to that LP. Lots of differing instrumentation, lots of field and location recordings and some voice are used to give each piece its own atmosphere. The CD opens with a 22 minute piece, Sand, which is a tense piece of droning with taut percussion, not all that different from Noh music. It just flies by and the vocal and percussion explosion at the finish is a nice and unexpected way to cap the flow. Other favourite pieces include Caete, which isnít far removed from parts of Grahamís own Salmon Run CD, and Verbondenheid, with nice field recordings and voice. Turning Wheel finishes the whole CD off with a bizarre singing and rumbling concoction. Strange days. You wonít know what hit you. Fantastic!

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Review in "The Wire", February 2010: