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New suncycle with ephemeris error handling
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Suncycle is a calendar showing the sunrise and sunset time for a latitude/longitude and timezone
You can also configurate in the aboutscreen the winter and summer time offset.
On the sunrise/set a mediafile can be activated (image and sound)
By clicking the icon you create the suncycle graph

Now suncycle with azimuth
and graphic download
setup.exe or version

Here you sould see the calendar

By checking de systray menu item, suncycle shall disappear from de desktop and the status bar,
but the application suncycle will still been running. In the systray you see then the suncycle icon.
If the alert is set in the media files a sound or image is activated on sunrise or sunset.
Add suncycle also in the start up of your computer (This is one of the options by the installation of suncycle).

Export your suncyle data

Suncycle graphic

In the graph you see the evolution of the sunrise and sunset for the current year in the calendar.
When the season option is checked the graphic consider the offset of the daylight saving Here you sould see the graphic of the suncycle


Here you sould see the configuration panel

Set your coordinates

Here you sould see the globe map with the time zones

This site is free

For private use, You can get the coordinates (I might not hyperlink the reference) at at the service:Direct Atlas Query

A very good site is also for private use, Global Gazetteer (thanks to Tomeu)





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