SV-4B V18


SV-4B V18 in 1951 (Collectie W. Bruyninckx)



Promotion 69A pilots an SV-4B V18 : Alexis Ruzette (+) - Jacques Chaput (+ crash Mirage 1973) - Herman Claeys

(C) Wilfried Tersago


promotion 69A pilots and SV-4B V18 : Chaput - Claeys - Torfs - Vanderauwera - Schroons - Kerkhof - Tersago (at the back)

(C) Wilfried Tersago


SV-4B V18 in Germany (1971) as SLN-03 and in UK (1984) as G-BRMC


SV-4B V18 spotted in the UK in 1987


V18 OO-GWD as it was delivered to Silver Victory 16/9/1993


SV-4B V18, still with double canopy (Willy Bruyninckx)


(c) BAHA Collection


SV-4B V18 with open engine at the Stampe Vertongen Museum


SV-4B V18 at AD EBBT Sept 15 2018


SV-4B V18 with no canopy (private collection)



c/n 1160
frame/n 200.18
30-10-1949     DD to ARS - Wevelgem
06-12-1949     TOC
24-12-1949     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
00-00-1949     To EO/OS, Nivelles
08-11-1949     To EPE/EVS
08-04-1952     To DEPE/DEVS
05-03-1953     To DEPE/DEVS
12-05-1953     Cat.? Accident, Place ?
       Navigation problem and performed an emergency landing
12-04-1954     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC221.103; TT 1600:00hrs
05-07-1954     R/O from IRAN. Moved the same day to ARS - Wevelgem
10-12-1954     To EPE/EVS
17-09-1967     Cat.2 accident Pont Ardres (F)
       During flight back from Manston (UK), lost propeller due crankshaft rupture.
       Performed an emergency landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
22-09-1969     Overdue time limit; TT 1599:05hrs
10-10-1969     To Koksijde for storage
23-03-1971     SOC; TFD to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for auction
18-10-1971     Auctioned in Koksijde
SLN-O3     00-00-0000     Canadian Armed Forces Flying Club, Baden-Söllingen (D)
   00-00-0000     Noted stored in Bierset

 Information given by Clark Seaborn (Canada) :

V18 sold to a civilian technical representative based in Lahr Germany with registration SLN 03, selling price 67,000Fr.  It was subsequently sold as reported on the website to British owners and now registered as G-BRMC.

G-BRMC     17-03-1978     To A.Cullen, Chase Farm, Little Burstead (UK)
   00-10-1979     Based Booker (UK)
   00-05-1984     Based Andrewsfield (UK)
   30-08-1993     Flown Earl's Colne (UK) to Wevelgem by Danny Cabooter & Gerrit Titeca
G-BRMC     02-09-1993     Registration cancelled
OO-GWD     16-09-1993     CofR n°4358 favor Silver Victory bvba, Antwerp / BE
   04-11-1993     Flown Wevelgem to Deurne by Danny Cabooter
   05-03-1994     FF since delivery
   05-11-1994     Back from Hoevenen were painted in the original colour sheme of the aerobatic display team "Les Manchots" . Rebuild in single seat version
   00-00-0000     Later hangered in the Stampe & Vertongen hangar due engine problems
   18-10-1997     Test flown with new engine
V-18 & V-28 were dedicated to the aerobatic team "Les Manchots". Painted in a black,
   00-00-2018     after a long stay in the Stampe Museum, V18 is again fly-worthy



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