SV-4B V19


V19 before his special "Manchots" painting (coll.Guy Van de Merckt)


V19 in acro flight (collection Willy Bruyninckx)


V19 visiting 42st Sqd at Bierset (12 sept 1969), receiving a special painting, painted by Hubert Sermon. Background of the painting is blue with a red "mephisto" in the middle. Hubert Sermon was almost 42 pilot of the BAF.


Photo left shows SV-4B V19 with special "plastic" canopy


SV-4B V19 during acro flight at airfield Goetsenhoven

SV-4B V19 before and after the crash on 11/7/1970

V19 OO-ROR under restoration and engine test at Wevelgem airfield (c)


V19  OO-ROR seen at Moorsele airfield 27/8/06  (c)


Registration marks on the upper wing extrados on SV-4B V19


SV-4B V19 OO-ROR and Cub OO-CEK at AD Grimbergen


SV-4B V19 in Flight (S. Vancauteren)


c/n 1161
frame/n 200.19
03-12-1948     TOC with engine GipsyMajor Mk.X n10273
06-01-1949     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
10-02-1949     DD to ARS - Wevelgem
15-02-1951     To EPE/EVS
18-06-1952     To DEPE/DEVS
08-07-1952     To EPE/EVS
17-11-1952     To DEPE/DEVS
25-02-1953     To EPE/EVS
18-08-1953     Cat.4 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Overturned during take off
       Crew: 2 / both unhurt
16-12-1953     To ARS - Evere
17-12-1953     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN,Contract n BC241.087; TT 1166:30hrs
03-09-1954     Rolling out of repairs &IRAN.
11-10-1954     Moved to ARS - Wevelgem
15-02-1955     To EPE/EVS
15-04-1955     Cat.1 accident Herentals (B)
       Hit powerlines during low level flying
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
30-03-1956     To ARS - Wevelgem
15-01-1959     Cat.2 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Nose stand during taxi due rough terrain
       Crew: 2 / unhurt
16-06-1964     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n BC246.018; TT 2765:55hrs
10-11-1964     To EPE/EVS
12-12-1966     Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Lost front part of the cockpit during aerobatic training at 1000ft AGL above the airfield
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
11-06-1970     Cat.1 accident Oplinter (B)
       Engine out and performed an emergency landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
03-07-1970     To Koksijde for storage
11-07-1970     Cat.5 accident Koksijde (B)
       Got into a spin during panel towing at the Koksijde Airshow
       Crew: 2 / both killed
14-07-1970     Transported to Evere
xx-xx-19??     SOC; TT 4151:00hrs
OO-ROR     19-10-2000     CofR n5044 favor S.Vancauteren
V-19 & V-64 were dedicated to the aerobatic team "Les Manchots" and painted in a
yellow & black colour sheme but not modified into a single seater as V-18 & V-28
OO-ROR   restoration completed in 2006 (Wevelgem-Belgium) - homebased at Grimbergen (B)


Note :
By contract of 27/8/54 V19 received  fuselage n 200.012 of V12 (that was on storage at Evere). So V19 is in fact V12 as the fuselage indicates the identity of the plane. Such switch is not uncommon and not always mentionned on the plane !  (source : R. Heymans)

example of fuselage number

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