SV-4B V22


SV-4B V22 at Wevelgem EVS/EPE (Coll W. Bruyninckx)



SV-4B V22 - debriefing with pilot Guy Vanderlinden and instructor Lode Beaudout



SV-4B V22 and unknown pilots (Collection Paul Aelaerts)


SV-4B V22 at AD Bevekom in 1966 (collection Henk Schakelaare)



email of February 07 2007 from Peter Whitworth :

I am pleased to be able to tell you that V22 is presently undergoing restoration in Ontario, Canada. All four wings are finished and work on the fuselage has started. At an aircraft mechanic's insistence, the fabric was removed from the aircraft when it arrived in Canada in the 7O's and it has been in dry storage since then.
The owners are Ron Uloth, Peter Cameron and Peter Whitworth and the aircraft was originally imported by Ron on our behalf. It will be flown out of a grass airfield/glider field at Kars/Rideau Valley Airpark which is within the southern boundary of Ottawa and will be joining the 7AC Champ already in our hangar.
Ron shipped V22 and V16 in the same shipping container but V16 was sold in the 7O's and is on your website.
For your records, my address is 1102 River Road, RR3 Manotick, Ontario, Canada, K4M1B4 and phone number is 613-692-2270.
Peter Whitworth


c/n 1164
frame/n 200.22
06-01-1951     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
12-03-1951     TOC with engine Gipsy Major Mk.X n10024
28-03-1951     DD to ARS - Wevelgem
19-05-1951     To EPE/EVS
10-07-1951     Cat.3 accident Roosbeek (B)
       Engine out during inverted flight and performed an emergency landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt; TT 113:35hrs
30-09-1952     To DEPE/EDVS
11-06-1954     To EO/OS - Nivelles
08-11-1954     Cat.1 accident Nivelles (B)
       Nose stand during engine run up
14-11-1955     To ARS - Wevelgem
02-12-1955     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n BC231.189; TT 1299:15hrs
05-03-1956     R/O from IRAN. Moved the same day to ARS - Wevelgem
17-06-1957     To EPE/EVS
23-10-1957     Cat.2 accident Brustem (B)
       Due to tail wind, nose stand during landing (or taxi ?)
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
18-09-1962     Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Engine stopped in flight lack of fuel  a/c overturned during the emergency landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
07-07-1964     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n BC246.018; TT 2893:55hrs
11-02-1965     R/O from IRAN
12-02-1965     To EPE/EVS
19-03-1965     Cat.2 accident, Place ?
                   Hit power cables during an emergency landing excercice
                   Crew: 2 / unhurt
10-10-1969     Overdue time limit; 1598:20hrs since last IRAN
16-10-1969     To Koksijde for storage
23-03-1971     SOC; TFD to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for auction
18-10-1971     Auctioned in Koksijde 
                    Sold together with V16 to Ron Uloth, Peter Cameron and Peter Whitworth at Kars/Rideau Valley Airpar near Ottawa (Canada)
01-02-2007    Undergoing restoration at Ontario. Four wings are finished, work at fuselage started.


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