SV-4B V23



SV-4B V21-V22 and V23 (see also Gloster Meteor, Spitfire and Harvard) - coll G. Destrebecq




SV-4B V23 at AD Goetsenhoven (private collection)

(C) Collection Koen Vantorre



SV-4B V23 (Willy Bruyninckx collection)


Piece of the original SV-4B V23 (ateliers Les Ailes de l'Exploit - thanks Jozef Vandevorst)



c/n 1165
frame/n 200.23
12-03-1951     TOC with engine Gipsy major Mk.X n10078
15-03-1951     FF in hands of JeanStampe
28-03-1951     DD to ARS - Wevelgem
19-05-1951     To EPE/EVS
22-09-1952     To DEPE/DEVS
02-12-1952     Cat.2 accident Raversijde (B)
       Nose stand on take off due blocked brakes
       Crew: ?
22-06-1953     Cat.1 accident Raversijde (B)
       Hit runway lights during landing
       Crew: ?
03-11-1953     To ARS - Wevelgem
17-11-1953     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n BC221.103; TT 1199:00hrs
06-04-1954     R/O from IRAN
21-06-1954     Moved to EPE/EVS
17-02-1955     To EO/OS - Nivelles
31-03-1955     Cat.2 accident Nivelles (B)
       Ground collision with signalling post
       Crew: ?
05-05-1955     To EPE/EVS
29-08-1957     Cat.5 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Heavy landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt; TT 1867:25hrs
23-09-1957     To URMA
02-12-1957     SOC
       To instructional airframe in Goetsenhoven
   00-00-1982     To J.Ooms. Wreck stored by G.Valvekens in Diest
   00-00-1983     Planned to be used as spare part source
OO-ESV     14-10-1998     CofR n4809 favor G.Valvekens
           Under restoration by Vroman Air Services, Wevelgem
   21-02-2002     Sucessfully testflown, Wevelgem
   09-03-2002     Flown Wevelgem / Schaffen by owner Bruno Van Waeyenberghe
   00-00-2017     Owner David Dekyver


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