SV-4B V29


SV-4B V29 overturned in 1952 - Raversijde airfield - (accident cat 4)


SV-4B V29 incident in 1967


SV-4B V29 - emergency landing after losing its prop in 1967

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V29 was bought by Storck Aviation , regist. as OO-GWR, this changed (reason ?) to OO-GWB


SV-4B V29 OO-GWB, on the former airfield of St Denijs Westrem (photo Jean-Pierre Decock)





SV-4B V29 in old painting and detail of the painting (Coll W. Bruyninckx)


SV-4B V29  OO-GWB with earlier publicity painting


SV-4B V29  OO-GWB in the summer of 1989

June 2005 - V29 OO-GWB completely renovated in alu colors, as it was on delivery

V29 in original alu colors .... the cirkel is round for this bird


V29 july 2006  Koksyde Airshow  (C) Daniel Brackx  -  remark the Belgian flag is painted inverse on the tail (this was also on the original V29!)


SV-4B V29  OO-GWB  Koksyde Airshow (C) Lambert Derenette 2006


Landing of V29 on 16/7 at airfield KB (front seat Raf Van Brussel, nephew of 2 former BAF Colonels, back seat Danny Cabooter.


SV-4B V29 OO-GWB at the military airfield of KB (2007)


Vintage V41 and V29 next to a modern airplane in 2007 (KB)


Time to fly (agaian) - Patrick Verbeeck en de SV-4B V29


The Vintage Air Rally 2016

The VintageAirRally Crete2Cape is a biplane rally starting from Sitia, Crete on the 12th of November 2016 and ending up in Cape Town after 5 amazing weeks.Following in the footsteps of the pioneering flights in the 1920s – we’ll connect some of the most beautiful and evocative points in Africa. Flying low along the Nile from Cairo to Khartoum, past the highlands of Ethiopia before the plains of Kenya and the home of African aviation in Nairobi. Then off again past Kilimanjaro into the Serengeti – and on to the spice island of Zanzibar. After a short pause to enjoy the Indian ocean, we continue, crossing Zambia to Victoria Falls, before continuing to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Our final days take us into, and across, stunning South Africa – to the Cape, journey’s end.

SV-4B V29 was the only Stampe plane participating at this epic journey. The plane was piloted by Cédric Collette (Belgium) and Alexandra Maingard (France). On all plane tails the nationale flag was painted. For V29 , one side got the Belgian flag, the other side the French flag. Orginal nr 13 decal was replaced once the race started. This team was called "Frog & Kiwi Team", as Cédric has both nationalities (Belgian and New-Zealand). In fact V29 flew more than all other planes, it first flew from Antwerp to Charleroi (B), and then to Crete.


SV-4B V29 with special painting (right Belgian flag - left French flag) for the Vintage Rally 2016. See also the difference in the "13" decal.
The nose number 29 was also removed before the start of the Rally, after V29 flew from Charleroi to Crete.


V29 in Tanzania.


V29 ready to take off in Zanzibar


For this adventure an external alternator was mounted underneath the engine. Technical support was given by Raymond Cuypers (Raymond's Aircraft Restoration)
With the Cape in sight the "Kiwi Team" had some leaking oil problems, but arrived save and well at the Cape in South-Africa.




SV-4B V29 flying in Egypt, over Victoria Falls and at Swellendam (South-Africa), and last navigation information before landing at Stellenbosch.



Alexandra Maingard and Cédric Collette in their SV-4B V29, during their 11.000 km adventure.
Once the plane returns it will be painted again in the original V29 painting.


Alexandra Maingard wrote :

Le Cap de Bonne Espérance - The Cape of Good Hope

Il a fallu traverser l'Europe et l'Afrique pour te voir. 

11000 kms.

La mer, le Sahara, la savane, la brousse, des centaines de montagnes, des centaines de rivières, des marais,
des forêts, des plaines. Le froid, le vent, le bruit, la pluie, le sable, la chaleur, le soleil brûlant, la poussière,
les turbulences, les trous d'air. Les doutes, les conflits, la fatigue, les joies, les sourires, l'amitié, la solidarité, la passion.
L'immense beauté du monde et ce qu'on aimerait ne pas avoir vu. La conviction que nos peurs sont le reflet de notre ignorance.

29 octobre 2016 - 16 décembre 2016.

Il va falloir du temps pour tout assimiler.


SV-4B V29 back to Belgium (January 2017)

After this great adventure V29 had to come back to Belgium. Raymond Cuypers and Inge Daems of Raymond's Aircraft Restoration
flew to Stellenbosch to dismantle the plane and make it ready for the way back overseas towards its homebase in Belgium (with the help of some friendly peaople).





(Photo's Inge Daems)


Arrival of SV-4B V29 in Antwerp after its Vintage Air Rally adventure


SV-4B V29 Belgian design and construction aircraft classified as heritage in 2018.



c/n 1171
frame/n 200.29
26-05-1951     TOC with engine Gipsy Major Mk.X n°10022
22-06-1951     DD to ARS - Wevelgem
00-10-1951     To DEPE/DEVS
13-03-1952     Cat.4 accident Raversijde (B)
       Stalled on final approach, heavy landing then overturned
       Crew: ?
17-03-1952     To ARS - Evere
23-04-1952     To Stampe & Renard for repairs, Contract n° BC221.246; TT 293:30hrs
20-02-1953     R/O from IRAN and moved the same day to ARS - Wevelgem
17-03-1953     To DEPE/DEVS
11-06-1954     To ARS - Wevelgem
12-05-1958     To EPE/EVS
18-09-1959     Cat.? Accident, Place ?
       Heavy landing
       Crew: ?
18-10-1963     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC236.010; TT 1893:10hrs
07-04-1964     R/O from IRAN and moved to EPE/EVS
10-08-1967     Cat.2 accident Faulx-les-Tombes (B)
       Lost propeller due crankshaft rupture resulting in an emergency landing
       Crew: 2 / unhurt
26-05-1970     Overdue time limit; 1699:25hrs since last IRAN
02-06-1970     To Koksijde AB for storage
23-03-1971     SOC; TFD to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for auction
18-10-1971     Auctioned in Koksijde
OO-GWR     31-01-1972     Not taken up
OO-GWB     31-01-1972     CofR n°2173 favor R.Minnebo, R.Smets, G.Vanderlinden & W.Van Cauwenberghe
   11-09-1974     To Aeroclub Brasschaat vzw
   30-04-1976     To D.Cabooter, Brasschaat. Later based in Deurne
   23-12-1986     To Antwerp Stampe Center bvba, Deurne
   00-01-1998     Noted being restored in Deurne
OO-GWB     30-06-2005 restoration completed (silver color), and plane airborned again, new owner : Cédric Collette.
   12-11-2016   This plane participated at the Vintage Air Rally, a 13.000 km journey from Crete to the Cape (South-Africa)

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