SV-4B V36


Collection Daniel Brackx (V36 + V35 + V34) and Collection Brussels Air Museum



SV-4B V36 (C) Guy Audain

Very rare picture of SV-4B V36 as SLN-02 sold to Canada (Guy Gudenkauf)



c/n 1178
frame/n 200.36
29-03-1952     Start of building
07-08-1952     DD to Arsenal, Wevelgem with engine Cirrus Major Mk.III n°3505
00-08-1952     To EPE/EVS
04-02-1953     Cat.1 accident, Place ?
       Nose stand during taxi
14-04-1953     Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Nose stand during taxi
17-02-1955     To EO/OS - Nivelles
06-05-1955     To EPE/EVS
22-06-1956     To URMA - Evere
20-07-1956     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC231.189; TT 1201:35hrs
10-01-1957     R/O from IRAN and moved the same day to Arsenal, Wevelgem
19-06-1957     To 7th Wing for glider towing
21-05-1959     To Aircent Gliding Club (SHAPE) in Fontainebleau (F) under long term contract n°298.001 for glider towing
00-12-1959     To EPE/EVS for major inspection
00-01-1960     Back to Aircent Gliding Club (SHAPE) in Fontainebleau / FR
00-04-1961     To EPE/EVS for engine change
00-05-1961     Back to Aircent Gliding Club (SHAPE) in Fontainebleau / FR
00-09-1961     To EPE/EVS
11-10-1962     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC226.002; TT 1663:30hrs
05-11-1963     R/O from IRAN and moved the same day to EPE /EVS, Goetsenhoven
22-05-1969     Overdue time limit; 1598:00hrs since last IRAN
12-09-1969     To Koksijde AB for storage
23-03-1971     SOC
23-03-1971     Transferred to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for auction
18-10-1971     Auctioned in Koksijde
SLN-02     00-00-0000     Canadian Forces Flying Club in Baden-Söllingen (D) (SLN n° information given by Clark Seaborn)
   00-00-1974     Imported in Canada
C-GSVB     19-12-1991     Favor John Saunders, Victoria (CDN)

  information given by Clark Seaborn :

1) V36 sold to Canadian F104 pilots Capt Bob Kadonoff and Major Wally Sloan, selling price 84,000Fr, based at Baden Sollingen with registration SLN 02, moved to Canada in hold of C130 to Moose Jaw airbase where it was sold to fellow pilot Robert Saunders.  Mr Saunders was flying it from Moose Jaw back to Toronto Ontario when water in the fuel caused a forced landing near Wawa Ontario.  Although little damage it was lifted out by helicopter and disassembled.  It has been stored since 1978 at Saunders residence at Saanichton BC on Vancouver Island.  Mr Saunders is an airline pilot.
2)  Stampe V36 has been owned by John Robert Saunders since 1977, and suffered an engine failure in that year due to water in the fuel.  It was damaged in the forced landing in a swamp near Wawa Ontario.  It has been dismantled since and the airframe is presently stored in Mr. Saunders house.  The aeroplane was purchased by Mr. Saunders, who was a Canadian F-104 pilot at that time, from Bob Kadenoff another F-104 pilot.  It was painted green and white in colour.  Unfortunately no photos are available.  The engine has been loaned to the air museum near Victoria BC and is presently on display there.  Mr. Saunders is a former airline captain newly retired and lives at Saanichton British Columbia Canada. 
An interesting historical note, Mr. Saunders father was in the air force during WW2 and shot down over Berlin and became a prisoner of war.  He was involved in the prison break at Stalag Luft 3. Mr. Saunders has his father`s flying and prison log books, and is planning a visit to the old prison camp later this year to document some of his father`s history. µ

  We could contact Robert Sanders and he gave us following information :

I still own the Stampe C-GSVB but it has been disassembled for the last 38 years.  It is stored in my workshop and I was hoping to rebuild it in my retirement.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of it when it was flying.  We didn’t have iPhones in our pockets back then. I still have most of the parts except the engine which is in a local museum.


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