SV-4B V38


Photo taken at EVS of SV-4B V38 (Coll. D. De Leyn)


SV-4B V38 at Goetsenhoven (EVS) and pilots



Rare photo of V38 and V19 - in the back V41

SV-4B V38 in flight over Tienen ( Info Wilfried Tersago )


SV-4B V38 with accu starter (Coll W. Bruyninckx)

SB-4B V38 in earlier times (Coll W. Bruyninckx)


SV-4B V49 - V38 - V43 and others in 1969 (collection Dirk Kerkhof)

SV-4B C-GOCK in Canada (Collection Brussels Air Museum)


SV-4B V38 at AD Goetsenhoven (Foto Dirk Kerkhof)


c/n 1180
frame/n 200.38
02-10-1952     R/O
07-10-1952     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
08-10-1952     DD to ARS - Wevelgem with engine Cirrus Major Mk.III n°3513
16-10-1952     To DEPE/DEVS
17-02-1953     To EPE/EVS
21-02-1953     Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Nose stand during taxi due rough terrain
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
13-08-1954     Cat.4 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Damaged during landing
00-09-1954     To ARS/UR, Evere
00-11-1954     To ARS - Wevelgem
05-05-1954     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC254.029; TT 727:25hrs
24-08-1955     R/O from repairs & IRAN and moved the same day to EPE/EVS
04-04-1956     Cat.3 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Overturned during landing due variable weather conditions
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
16-08-1962    To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC226.002; TT 2327:20hrs
27-08-1963     To EPE/EVS
14-07-1966     Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Heavy landing on right wheel
       Crew: Solo / Unhurt; TT 2881:25hrs
25-11-1966     Overdue time limit; ?:?hrs since last IRAN
17-12-1969     To Koksijde AB for storage
23-03-1969     SOC
23-03-1971     TFD to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for auction
18-10-1971     Auctioned in Koksijde
SLN-0??     00-00-0000     To the Canadian Armed Forces Flying Club in Baden-Söllingen (D)
C-GOCK     00-00-1982     To W.P.Davies in Alliston / ONT / CAN (Registred as c/n38 !)
VH-ZSV     22-05-2013     To Tomislav Filipcevic  Hamilton East  New South Wales 2303  Australia

Information given by Clark Seaborn :

V38 sold to Captain Dave Koski- also an air force pilot, for 66,000Fr.  If there was a Baden Sollingen registration number it is unknown.  Moved to Canada and assigned Canadian registration C-GOCK.  In 1982 sold to Walter Davies of Alliston Ontario.  Present status of aircraft unknown.

Information given by Dave Hadfield :

After the owner Walter 'Wally' Davies died, the plane was sold to an Australian owner.


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