SV-4B V4








V29 and V4 in formation - both in bank publicity painting (KB)



(c) Photos BAHA Collection


great shot of SV-4B V4 OO-EIR in flight


Pilot Aaron Cabooter in SV-4B V4 summer 2018 (private collection)


SV-4B V4 in flight (collection Christof Van Eeckhoudt)



c/n 1144
frame/n 200.??
00-00-1948    TOC with engine Gipsy Major n10276
10-08-1948    FF in hands of Jean Stampe
18-08-1948    DD to EPE/EVS; TT 1:30hr
00-04-1949    ARS Evere for repairs
00-05-1949    Stampe & Renard for repairs
00-12-1949    To EPE/EVS
04-12-1951    Cat.1 accident  Goetsenhoven (B)
25-09-1952     Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract n BC221.103; TT 1420:05hrs
20-03-1953    End of overhaul. Moved to ARS in Wevelgem
07-05-1953    To DEPE/DEVS - Koksijde AB
00-06-1953    To ARS/UR in ?, for repairs
25-05-1954    Cat.4 accident >>> other source mentions 24-05-1954 Raversijde (B)
       Stalled before touch down and made a nose stand
       Crew: unhurt
10-09-1954    Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract n BC241.128
28-12-1954    End of overhaul. Moved to ARS in Wevelgem the same day
15-02-1955    EPE/EVS
17-04-1956     Cat.1 accident Place ?
22-08-1961    Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract n BC206.005 TT 4219:45hrs
19-02-1962    End of overhaul. Moved to EPE/EVS the same day
31-08-1962    Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Running into the rudder of V-9, due brake failure
       Crew: Solo. Unhurt
08-05-1965    Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Made a nose stand during cokpit checks
12-07-1968    Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract nBC266.018 TT 5819:45hrs
16-12-1968    End of overhaul. Moved to EPE/EVS the same day
17-07-1970    CMVV/MCZV - Brustem AB
20-02-1978    Flown to P.Avi / Vl.Pa, Koksijde AB / BE, for storage Engine Gipsy major n10272
       Aircraft hold aside for a possible Belgian Air Force Historical Flight, but project cancelled later ! TT 6010:10hrs
10-03-1978    Offered for sale via exchange proposal SVC7801
30-03-1978    Auctioned
       V-4 & V-52 were hold for a possible "Belgian Air Force Historical Flight"
OO-EIR     06-12-1978      n2932. Favor L.Daems. Based Brasschaat / BE, later Keiheuvel
                EIR stands for Els - Inge and Rik Daems.
   18-11-1981     Dan Aviation nv, Deurne
   02-03-1987     Antwerp Stampe Center bvba, Deurne
   00-00-0000     Hired to Mr Lemstra and based in Oudenburg (NL)
           ? Emergency landing on a Ultra Light Aircraft strip near Brouwershaven (NL)
           Engine troubles due broken cylinder. No damage to the aircraft
           Crew: unhurt
   28-04-1997    Test flown but unfortunately overturned during landing at Oostende
           Upper wing, propeller and tail damaged
           Crew: unhurt
   17-10-1997     First post restoration flight from Oostende
   29-11-1997     Moved from Oostende to Deurne
   05-12-1997     Garage Cauwenbergs bvba, Antwerp
   24-01-1998     Repainted in his original BAF colours in the Stampe & Vertongen Museum facilities
   25-04-2001     Van Milders, Antwerpen
   07-02-2012     Recognized as Culturel Heritage  (publication 2012/200661 Belgisch Staatsblad)


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