SV-4B V45




SV-4B V45 in flight


SV-4B V30 - V62 - V9 - V45 lined up at Goetsenhoven with student pilots from Congo (Collection Museum Bevekom)


Photo at EVS of SV-4B V45  (Coll. D. De Leyn)


SV-4B V45  with Cirus Major engine (Collection Daniel Brackx)

SV-4B with a DH Gipsy Major engine (collection Christof Van Eeckhoudt)



c/n 1187
frame/n 200.45
00-00-0000     FF
24-11-1952     DD to ARS - Wevelgem with engine Cirrus Major Mk.III n°3065
13-12-1952     To EPE/EVS
04-08-1954     Cat.4 accident Goetsenhoven (B) Heavy landing
16-08-1954     To ARS/UR, ?
04-05-1955     To Stampe & Renard for repairs & IRAN, Contract n° BC254.030; TT 689:45hrs
20-09-1955     R/O from repairs & IRAN and moved the same day to ARS - Wevelgem
00-08-1958     To EPE/EVS
01-07-1964     To 7th Wing, Chièvres AB for glider towing
20-08-1965     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC246.018; TT 2290:05hrs
06-01-1966     R/O from IRAN and moved the same day to EPE/EVS
22-04-1966     Cat.2 accident Chièvres AB (B)
       Nose stand as aircraft lifted up by wind gust just after landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
20-04-1968     Cat.5 accident Oostmalle (B)
       Due to rough terrain, aircraft overturned during take off roll
       Crew: 2 / unhurt
08-07-1968     SOC; TT 3229:50hrs


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