SV-4B V49


(C) BAHA Collection


SV-4B V42 and V49 at the Stampe Fly In Deurne (Belgium)


SV-4B V49 as seen at AD Temploux (Belgium) - March 2008




Vintage photo of SV-4B V 49 (Collection Willy Bruyninckx) - remark : No Pinguin 



V49 and "wrong" pinguin painting (Coll. S. Van Heertum)


SV-4B V49 Koksyde 1968 (collection Bob Godts)


SV-4B V49 at Goetsenhoven - pilots Ludwin De Roest and Ludo Vrancken (Collection Marc Fuchs)



c/n 1191
frame/n 200.49
28-10-1953     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
00-01-1954     DD to ARS - Wevelgem with Cirrus Major Mk.III n3680
03-02-1954     To EPE/EVS
00-06-1960     To Depot 6
17-06-1960     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n BC206.005; TT 1595:40hrs
20-04-1961     To EPE/EVS
14-03-1963     Cat.1 accident Outgaarden (B)
       Engine failure and pilot performed an emergency landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
22-02-1968     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n BC226.018; TT 3192:05hrs
04-07-1968     R/O from IRAN and moved the same day to EPE/EVS
24-07-1970     To CMVV/MCZV
31-10-1975     Transported to Goetsenhoven & broken up for spares
00-00-1971     Parts used to restore V-21
09-03-1978     Remains transported to P.Avi / Vl.P, Koksijde AB
10-03-1978     Offered for sale & restored with wings of V-16
23-11-1978     SOC; TT 4373:55hrs Left Koksijde the same day for new owner
OO-SVA     24-10-1979     CofR n3069 favor Guy Valvekens, Schaffen
28-12-1985     First post restoration flight in Schaffen.
           This is the only aircraft that maintained a complete BAF colour sheme with all markings & signs on the fuselage & wings
00-00-2015    Plane sold, homebased at AD St Ghislain   


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