SV-4B V5


SV-4B V5 (in old silver-yellow band color)


SV-4B V5 before take off at Goetsenhoven (?) (private collection)


(C) Servais


SV-4B V5 (OO-PAX) with pilot Karel Van Brussel and his instructor Andr Huysse


SV-4B V5 (Collectie Guy Gudenkauf)

Older color painting of SV-4B V5 OO-PAX (Stampe Center)



SV-4B V5 OO-PAX in an earlier painting


SV-4B V5 overturned after emergency landing (Coll. W. Bruyninckx)



SV-4B V30 OO-MON and V5 OO-PAX  (Coll Yves Dumortier)



B&W photo of SV-4B V5 in Graphic Screen painting (Inge Daems)



SV-V5 OO-PAX in later publi painting 

Completely renovated SV-4B V5 OO-PAX (in former "Les Manchots" colors) - 2006 - (c) Wim De Quick


SV-4B V5  OO-PAX  Koksyde Airshow (C) Lambert Derenette 2006


SV-4B V5  OO-PAX  seen in vintage and actual painting



SV-4B V5 and V29 in flight (Collection Yves Dumortier)


Flying SV-4B V5 OO-PAX in the seventies (in memory Camiel Lievens)



c/n 1147
frame/n 200.05
13-08-1948    FF in hands of Jean Stampe
14-08-1948    Test flown by Major Arend/BAF
18-08-1948     DD to EPE/EVS
19-08-1949     TOC with engine Gipsy Major X n10080
23-09-1949     Cat.4 accident Goetsenhoven or Schaffen (B)
       Nose stand during landing
       Crew: unhurt
23-07-1951    Cat.4 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Heavy landing
       Crew: both unhurt
09-10-1951    To Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract n BC211.374 TT 628:05hrs
12-03-1952    End of overhaul
02-04-1952    To DEPE/DEVS - Koksijde AB
11-06-1952    Cat.4 accident Raversijde (B)
       Hit runway marker and overturned
       Crew: both unhurt
16-07-1952    To Stampe & Renard for repairs
04-03-1953    To ARS - Wevelgem
06-04-1953    To EPE/EVS - Goetsenhoven
26-04-1954     To DEPE/DEVS in ?
17-02-1955    To EO/OS in Nivelles
05-05-1955    To EPE/EVS, Goetsenhoven
14-06-1961    To Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract n BC206.005
29-12-1961    End of overhaul. Moved to EPE/EVS the same day
22-11-1967    To Stampe & Renard for IRAN Contract n BC266.018
04-04-1968    To EPE/EVS, Goetsenhoven
08-08-1969    Cat.2 accident Zoersel AB (B)
       During glider towing duty, lost control during landing due tailwind problems
       Crew: Solo. Unhurt
22-09-1970    To Koksijde AB for storage
23-03-1971    SOC. TFD to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for auction
18-10-1971     Auctioned
OO-PAX     04-04-1972    CofR n2207. Favor A.Coesens, Overboelaere
   19-09-1973    To R.Stoelen, Deurne
   03-03-1974    Damaged during landing in Deurne
   00-00-1976    Moved to Overboelare / BE. Part of the "Chris & Dis" aerobatic display
   13-01-1977    Back to A.Coesens, Overboelare
   03-03-1977    To K.Lievens & E Van Goethem, Overboelaere
   19-08-1984    Overturned during an emergency landing in Doel
   18-06-1989    Emerency landing in Herzele Upper wing, tail rudder and propeller damaged
   23-12-1989    End of repairs and test flown in Moorsele
   07-07-1981    Flown from Moorsele to Deurne
   27-08-1991    To Stampe visual bvba, Deurne
   00-00-0000    To Guy Foste and painted overall bleu with "BACOB" Bank titles
   13-03-1993    Arrived in Deurne / BE in open canopy configuration
   22-07-1994    Due to a brake failure, the aircraft made a nose stand in Deurne
   14-02-1995    To Jofra nv, Ursel  Maintaining the "BACOB" titles
   18-02-1995    DD to new owner Deurne / Ursel
   21-02-2001    To Winter Aviation, Deurne
   26-07-2001    To P.Winters & J.Henny
01/01/2005    To Laurens Leeman (Affligem-Belgium) 27/5/2006      Restoration completed (Winters Aviation) black-yellow (Les Manchots) colors


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