SV-4B V56


(c) Collection Guy Destrebecq


SV-4B V56 in Luchtvaart Museum (Coll. W. Bruyninckx)

Model of SV-4B V56 at museum AD Wevelgem (Belgium)


SV-4B V56 and V47 ready for take off  (Coll. D. De Leyn)



Detail of V56 when the plane was in the museum - remark the Cirrus Major MKIII engine exhausts


SV-4B V56 at "work shop" in Brussels Air Museulm (Coll W. Bruyninckx)



c/n 1198
frame/n 200.56
05-01-1954     R/O
05-01-1954     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
15-01-1954     DD to ARS - Wevelgem with engine Cirrus Major Mk.III n3696
16-04-1954     To EPE/EVS
04-03-1957     Cat.1 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Engine blocked and crew performed an emergency landing
23-05-1957     Cat.4 accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       During the approach, a too slow RPM setting resulted in a stall and heavy landing
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
00-00-1957     To URMA
13-09-1957     SOC; TT 1362:00hrs
00-00-1957     Transported to the Royal Army Museum Brussels
       Upper wing of V-56 together with V-21, to Gerrit Titeca for restauration V21, in exchange for 2 Tipsy Nipper
       Trainer 1 (Ex G-AFJR & G-AFRV). Fuselage and other parts of V56 on storage at Air Museum Brussels.


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