SV-4B V6




SV-4B V6 refuelled

(C) Collection Brussels Air Museum


Crash of SV-4B V6  - in the fifties the plane overturned a few times (accident cat 3)



SV-4B V6 after the crash in 1975 (C) Daniel Brackx


SV-4B V6 ground collision with Rhönlerche KA4 PL-6 of the Air Cadets (date unknown) - Coll. W. Bruyninckx



SV-4B V6 shortly before its cat 5 accident in 1975 (Collection Patrick Van Hulle and Louis Slegers
In flight while towing an Air Cadet glider, and before towing



SV-4B V6 ready for take-off, after started with extern battery starter (photo Eddy Brink)


SV-4B V6 (collection Christof Van Eeckhoudt)


c/n 1148
frame/n 200.06
18-08-1948    TOC with engine Gipsy Major Mk.X n°10278
16-09-1948    FF in hands of Jean Stampe
29-09-1948    DD to EPE/EVS
14-03-1952    To DEPE/DEVS, Koksijde AB
xx-xx-1952        Cat.4 accident Raversijde (B)
       Overturned during landing
       Crew: both unhurt
26-05-1952    To Stampe & Renard for repairs
23-12-1952    To ARS in Wevelgem
25-02-1953    To EPE/EVS - Goetsenhoven
04-08-1953     Cat.3 accident  (>>> other source mentions 27-08-1953) Place ?
       During landing, hit a strawbundle and aircraft stalled
       Crew: both unhurt
27-01-1955     Cat.2 accident Beersel (B)
       Navigation problem and peformes an emergency landing. Aircraft overturned
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
17-02-1955    To EO/OS - Nivelles
13-04-1955     To EPE/EVS - Goetsenhoven
00-06-1960    To Stampe & Renard for repairs & IRAN
       1.035:30hrs since last visit at the S&R facilities
24-08-1967    To Stampe & Renard for repairs and IRAN Contract n° BC266.018
       1595:30hrs since last visit at the S&R facilities
18-01-1968     R/O from IRAN. To EPE/EVS, Goetsenhoven AB, the same day
04-08-1970     To CMVV/MCZV - Brustem AB
05-04-1975     Cat.5 accident Oostmalle AB (B)
       During landing, hit the ground with the wing and overturned
       Crew: Solo / Unhurt
11-10-1977     SOC TT 5800:10hrs
       Tranferred to the "Domaines / Domeinen" for possible auction


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