SV-4B V60


SV-4B V60 overturned after touch down in 1957  (accident cat 5)


SV-4B V60 just before Dutch registration (Collection W. Bruyninckx)



SV-4B V60 nog als OO-SVC  (Coll. D. De Leyn)



SV-4B V60 with Dutch registration in flight



SV-4B V60 PH-OPA in "Q8" painting (Coll. W. Bruyninckx)


SV-4B V60 in 1993


V60 in "Pelgrim" painting 1995 (collectie Willy Bruyninckx)




Nice "silvernose" SV-4B V60 (private collection)


(C) BAHA Collection and (C) Stieglitz


SV-4B V60 Before and after cr ash in 1997 (Collection Willy Bruyninckx)


SV-4B V60  PH-OPA  low pass in 2013 Teuge Airport (Netherlands)


SV-4B V 60 PH-OPA and his 'little brother' (Collection Freddy Fyen)



c/n 1202
frame/n 200.60
17-06-1955     R/O
21-06-1955     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
21-06-1955    DD to ARS - Wevelgem with engine Gipsy Major Mk.VIII n10911
00-09-1955     To EPE/EVS
09-09-1957     Cat.5 Accident Goetsenhoven (B)
       Aircraft overturned just after touchdown due heavy crosswind
       Crew: Solo / unhurt
17-09-1957     WFU
18-03-1958     SOC; TT 508:00hrs
OO-SVC     16-01-1986     CofR n3485 favor Gerrit Titeca, Moorsele
   15-12-1986     Registration PH-ZSL reserved
   08-01-1987     Registration PH-SZL reserved
   05-03-1987     Registration PH-OMA & -OPA reserved
   08-03-1987     First post restoration flight
OO-SVC     05-05-1987     Cancelled from Belgian register
PH-OPA    25-05-1987     To Air Towing Service (ATS) bv, Teuge (NL)
   29-07-1992     Damaged in Teuge (NL)
   00-00-0000     Stored & repaired, Teuge (NL)
   00-10-1993     Offered for sale (135,000NLG) in "Aerkurier"
   17-05-1997     Accident Klarenbeek (NL)
           Engine troubles. Overturned during emergency landing
   00-00-1996     To Twin Wings Aerobatic
   00-12-1997     To Gerrit Titeca, Oostende for repairs
   00-00-0000     First post restoration flight



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