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As a Master in Product Development, Suzanne Visser has always been active in her professional life in the areas of design, realization and production. In between she followed academic courses Drawing, Painting, Sculpting and Digital Imaging in Schoten, Hoogstraten, Koksijde, Ostend and Mechelen.

In the Monumental arts center Bornem she faced the complex process of original artwork, molding, bronze casting ... She also organized numerous art events and exhibitions between 1990 and 2000, mostly in an international context.

In 2000 she settled in West Flanders and became a teacher of informatics, Windows, Photoshop, Multimedia and Video in adult education Ostend.  


Sculpture in bronze,
Suzanne Visser. 
Her works combine a sometimes misleading realistic starting point with a sensitive intrinsic content. The surprising design brings sharp surfaces in harmony with soft forms.

Óbidos, Vau, ...

​During his professional career, Bob Beelen traveled extensively in Europe and North America in search for innovative video technology.

Later he became an international tourguide, using multimedia technologies as a facilitator. His focus is on shore excursions for cruise passenges, incentives and tailor-made travelling for individuals.

Thematically, he feels at home in 19th/20th Century WW1 history, European Art and Gastronomy.   
suzanne visser