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Let me introduce myself...





young swift parrot (may 2004)




My name is Danny Smets. I have got a lot of birds, but my favourites are swift parrots. 


At the moment, we have got two young swift parrots. They were born four weeks ago. Unfortunately, their mother died a week ago. Now we have to feed them by hand. But they are growing very fast. In a couple of days they can start eating by themselves.  (You can see their pictures here)


The English version of this site is not yet finished. But we are working on it. So in a few weeks time you can also find information about the origin, ... of the swift parrot. You can also find out more about diseases, see a few films of my swift parrots. 

I hope you enjoy this site.

(And sorry if my English is not always perfect, we try very hard :-)




Joke Smets