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Is it still true ?

Electronics a hobby ?

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Topic two
30 january 2012

New pages for the Philips EE series

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Welcome to the world of electronics

A small contribution of an experimenter ...

This web site is dedicated to leisure time and hobby. It's all about the fun way of learning and constructing true working circuits.

However this site is still under construction so come back often to see the pages getting filled up.

This is a contribution and admiration of a interesting hobby : electronics

Since I have so many hobbies (electronics, composing music, computer etc.), I felt the urge to set up a web site dedicated to each of my interests. Hopefully I can share thoughts and ideas with the whole world ! Since I have a full job as an electronic technician it's a bit hard to find free time to fill in this web site, but I will certainly find free time.

The first contribution is the link "kits" where I describe the "Busch kit".

Here I describe the full potentials of an experiment system based on building blocks, connected by wires. I even build a superhet AM receiver with this system. See the link " kits "above for details.


The very nice and cool kit : The Philips EE series

Here you will find some information about the Philips kits, together with practical advice.

In the next future I will add more contributions to the above links.




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