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Personal experiences
of the Tandy system

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Example of a circuit


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A nice introduction to electronics ...

The system consists of :

  • A wooden box with cardboard lid
  • Electronic components, which are mounted on a cardboard surface
  • Spring terminals
  • Different pre-cut and tinned wires for electrical connections
  • separate morse key, crystal earphone and antenna wire

The advantages of this 65 in 1 kit are :

  • Fast connection method by coloured wires and numbered springs
  • Each project is assembled by colour coded steps
  • The project kit includes solar cell, zener diode and a SCR transistor (thyristor)
  • Very large (A3 size) manual
  • All components are clearly marked and sorted
  • Large working space

The disadvantages are however :

  • No clear overview of a project (many crossing wires)
  • Cardboard surface is not very solid

The Tandy (Radio Shack) 65 in 1

This is the first electronic kit I received for christmas. It opened a wonderful world for me. I still remember me sitting in the living room for days and hours till I'd finished all projects ! This was also the introduction to crystal radios and solar technology. I'm not to sure about it's age but I got this kit in 1977, probably it was laying around in the shop for more years. I remember when going through the catalogue back then, it wasn't included.

Connections are made by inserting wires into springs. Just bend the spring and insert the wire between.

This offers satisfying electrical contact.



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The kit

All parts needed are mounted on a cardboard base with clear print. The parts include transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, variable resistor and capacitor, antenna coil, relay, transformer, speaker, cds and solar cell, lamp, meter, batteries and speaker.

A separate morse key, crystal earphone, antenna wire and coloured wires can be stored in a separate compartiment. Very nice done.

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