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and all who are really interested in our children and youth.

Also hello to children and adults who are not keen to see a spider,

because they see this animal as a creepy, icky and above all that a filthy creature,

or to people who are only scared of those poisonous animals.

Also hi of course, to everyone -child or adult, young or old- who simply tolerate spiders, 

or even 'love' those hairy things with eight long icky legs,

and even people who'll be fascinated by those ugly creatures,

You all are



because the subject of this site is 

'to care of' and 'to be fascinated by'

books and spiders...



Spiders occur virtually erverywhere on earth.  About 35,000 species of spiders have been named so far, 620 species are found in Belgium and the Netherlands, up to 300 species live in New York and  New England.