HFSLIP extensions

HFSLIP extensions are CMD files which are called by HFSLIP if placed in the HFTOOLS folder.  Their name starts with "HFSLIP_PRE" or with "HFSLIP_POST" depending on when they should be run and an extension package may contain additional files.

Their main purpose is to add additional functionality.

If you'd like to create your own, make sure that you end it with a "GOTO :EOF" command and that the last line contains ":EOF".

Here is a basic schematic overview of what HFSLIP does and when the extensions are called:

• Start
• Slipstream Service Pack into SOURCE if necessary
• Win2K Rollup
• IE6 slipstream for Win2K
• IE7 SVCPACK/GUILOGON installer for WinXP/2K3
• Windows Media Player and WM codecs
• Most hotfixes (processing INFs and collecting binaries)
• IE7 slipstream for WinXP
• Update engines
• Flash Player
• DirectX9
• Application Add-ons
• Additional processing of collected binaries
HFSLIP_PRE*.CMD extensions
• Slipstream collected binaries into SOURCESS
• Preparing SVCPACK.INF
• Cleanup
HFSLIP_POST*.CMD extensions
• End

Downloadable packages

These packages are offered in ZIP format.  Extract their content into the HFTOOLS folder, overwriting any existing files.

Collect names of new files slipstreamed by HFSLIP (version 3)

This extension can be useful for people who want to run nLite or similar program on their source after HFSLIP.  It collects the names of newly slipstreamed binaries into a file named NEWBIN.TXT.  In the case of nLite, the list of files can be used for its "keep list".

When run seperately, it should be placed in the HFSLIP folder or in one of its direct subfolders.  As HFSLIP extension, it will only work from the HFTOOLS folder.

Download: HFSLIP_POST_getnewfiles_v3.zip

Contains additional files: no
Can be run outside of HFSLIP: yes
Support: http://msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=105761.html

4th cumulative time zone update (version 6)

This package contains the 4th cumulative time zone update (December 2007).  It is fully slipstreamed so that the time zone dropdown menu that appears during Windows setup already contains the updated settings.  If the host OS is Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, tzchange.exe is slipstreamed too.

As far as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are concerned, everything is updated as per the official update except for a few modifications for some languages (correction of errors, deviations from English update, etc.).  For these versions of Windows, all languages are supported except Hebrew.

For Windows 2000, the same languages are supported but the "Mexico Standard Time 2" time zone update is not included by default.  Windows 2000 does not have this time zone, so slipstreaming the update alone would be pointless.  However, for some localizations of Windows 2000, the "Mexico Standard Time 2" time zone is included as a whole and some time zone descriptions are updated to match those in Windows XP/2003; call it an "upgrade to Windows XP" if you will.  The languages for which the time zones are upgraded to the level of Windows XP are: Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal) and Swedish.

Thanks to bfc_xxx (Greek), bynkook (Korean), CEoCEo (Swedish 2K), definicjaCEPA (Polish), eryen (Turkish), ivans2605 (Danish 2K) and L-F (Chinese Traditional).

Latest update: newer tzchange.exe for XPSP2 and XPSP3; Sri Lanka time zone is now displayed in the correct position.

Download: HFSLIP_PRE_TZ4_v6.zip

Contains additional files: yes
Can be run outside of HFSLIP: no
Support: http://msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=101182.html

Windows 2000 SP4 Support Tools (HFSLIP 1.7.1 or newer)

The Windows 2000 Support Tools reside in the SUPPORT\TOOLS subfolder on your Windows 2000 installation CD.  However, these are not included with SP4 so they need to be updated seperately.

Note that you do not necessarily have to use this extension package.  You have two other options:

1) Extract the Support Tools update and place the 3 binaries in REPLACE\SUPPORT\TOOLS.  This method is not recommended when slipstreaming Windows2000-KB911280-v2-x86-ENU.EXE at the same time because the updated netdiag.exe from that hotfix will then be replaced by the older version in the Support Tools update again.

2) Extract the Support Tools update and place the 3 binaries in SOURCE\SUPPORT\TOOLS directly.  This is the fastest method because the Support Tools update won't have to be extracted each time HFSLIP is run.

If you want to use the extension:
Inside your HFSLIP folder, create a subfolder named _EXTERNAL.  Download sp4supporttools.exe into _EXTERNAL.

Download: HFSLIP_PRE_2KSP4-SupportTools.zip

Contains additional files: no
Can be run outside of HFSLIP: no