Windows Server 2003 SP2 updates for use with HFSLIP

Recent revisions:

2008-05-25 • added KB941693, KB945553, KB948590 and KB948881
2008-05-25 • added KB944338 and removed KB942840
2008-05-25 • added KB947864 and removed KB944533 (IE6 cumulative)
2008-05-25 • removed KB931374 (only for R2)
2008-05-25 • removed User Profile Hive Cleanup Service from the list
2008-05-25 • removed MSXML2 point update; MS don't care to include it in later SP's so why should we?
2008-05-25 • Windows Update Agent 3.0 was updated recently
2008-05-25 • Malicious Software Removal Tool was updated


The lists at the bottom tell you which files should go in which HFSLIP folder.  By checking or unchecking components in the section "Update your Windows Server 2003 configuration", the lists are dynamically updated for your needs.

You can let HFSLIP slipstream Service Pack 2 into the Windows Server 2003 source you provide in the SOURCE folder.  Please read the instructions carefully.

Icon legend

= Direct download link (Global or English)
= Direct download link not available
= WGA (direct download link not provided)

Rating legend

R = Required by Windows Update
S = Security update
H = High-priority, non-security update
O = Optional

Update your Windows Server 2003 configuration

If you wish to include a component, mark the checkbox next to it.  This will dynamically update the lists below.

Service Pack upgrade

Let HFSLIP slipstream Service Pack 2


MSXML4: msxml4-KB941833-enu.exe (available in 9 languages)
MSXML6: msxml6-KB933579-enu-x86.exe (available in 13 languages)
Adobe Flash Player for IE

DirectX 9.0c extras

DirectX 9.0c March '08 Redistributable (69.46MB)
(includes extras for gaming and content development)

Downloading from Microsoft web sites (for Windows)

Windows Genuine Advantage (2008-03-20; Win Update, MS Update and MS Download Center)
Windows Update Agent 3.0 (Windows Update and Microsoft Update)
Microsoft Update engine (2007-07-30; Microsoft Update) (make MU default; change link name in IE Tools menu to Microsoft Update; skip EULA)
Microsoft Update Catalog engine (2007-07-31)

Downloading from Microsoft web sites (for MS Office)

Office Genuine Advantage (2008-02-04; MS Update and MS Download Center)
Office Update engine (2008-02-18; requires modifyPE.exe in HFTOOLS)
Office Template and Media Control (2007-06-30; Office component check, template downloading,...)


Malicious Software Removal Tool (updated monthly)
Show optional updates not covered individually above
Show only file names in list for HF folder

List of files that go in the HF folder

Link to download page Short description
directx_mar2008_redist.exe ODirectX 9.0c extras
msxml4-KB941833-enu.exe OMSXML4 (msxml4.dll, msxml4r.dll)
msxml6-KB933579-enu-x86.exe OMSXML6 (msxml6.dll, msxml6r.dll)
Windows-KB890830-V1.41.exe OKB890830: Malicious Software Removal Tool
WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-ENU.exe SMS06-078: Vulnerability in Windows Media 6 Format
WindowsServer2003-KB914961-SP2-x86-ENU.exe SKB914961: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2
WindowsServer2003-KB924667-v2-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-012: Vulnerability in MS Foundation Classes
WindowsServer2003-KB925876-v2-x86-ENU.exe OKB925876: Terminal Services Client 6.0
WindowsServer2003-KB925902-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-017: Vulnerabilities in GDI
WindowsServer2003-KB927891-v5-x86-ENU.exe HKB927891: Update for Windows Installer (3.1.4000.4042)
WindowsServer2003-KB929123-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-034: Cumulative security update for MSOE
WindowsServer2003-KB930178-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-021: Vulnerabilities in CSRSS
WindowsServer2003-KB931784-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-022: Vulnerability in Windows Kernel
WindowsServer2003-KB932168-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-020: Vulnerability in Microsoft Agent
WindowsServer2003-KB933729-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-058: Vulnerability in RPC
WindowsServer2003-KB933854-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-040: Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework 1.1
WindowsServer2003-KB935839-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-035: Vulnerability in Win32 API
WindowsServer2003-KB935840-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-031: Vulnerability in Windows Schannel
WindowsServer2003-KB936021-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-042: Vulnerability in MSXML3 (msxml3.dll)
WindowsServer2003-KB936357-x86-ENU.exe HKB936357: Microcode update for Intel CPUs
WindowsServer2003-KB936782-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-047: Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Player
WindowsServer2003-KB938127-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-050: Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language
WindowsServer2003-KB941202-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-056: Vulnerability in Outlook Express
WindowsServer2003-KB941568-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-064: Vulnerabilities in DirectX
WindowsServer2003-KB941569-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-068: Vulnerability in Windows Media Format
WindowsServer2003-KB941644-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-001: Vulnerability in TCP/IP
WindowsServer2003-KB941672-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-062: Vulnerability in DNS
WindowsServer2003-KB941693-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-025: Vulnerability in Windows Kernel
WindowsServer2003-KB942830-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-006: Vulnerability in IIS
WindowsServer2003-KB942831-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-005: Vulnerability in IIS
WindowsServer2003-KB943055-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-008: Vulnerability in OLE Automation
WindowsServer2003-KB943460-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-061: Vulnerability in Windows URI Handling
WindowsServer2003-KB943484-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-003: Vulnerability in Active Directory
WindowsServer2003-KB943485-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-002: Vulnerability in LSASS
WindowsServer2003-KB944275-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-068: Vulnerability in Windows Media Services 9.1
WindowsServer2003-KB944338-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-022: Vulnerability in VBScript and JScript 5.6
WindowsServer2003-KB944653-x86-ENU.exe SMS07-067: Vulnerability in Macrovision Driver
WindowsServer2003-KB945553-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-020: Vulnerability in DNS Client
WindowsServer2003-KB946026-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-007: Vulnerability in WebDAV Mini-Redirector
WindowsServer2003-KB947864-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-024: Cumulative security update for MSIE6
WindowsServer2003-KB948590-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-021: Vulnerability in GDI
WindowsServer2003-KB948881-x86-ENU.exe SMS08-023: Vulnerability in ActiveX
WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe RWindows Update Agent 3.0

List of files that go in the HFCABS folder[Office Template and Media Control][WGA][Microsoft Update][Microsoft Update Catalog beta][Microsoft Update][Office Genuine Advantage][Office Update]
SWFLASH.CAB[Adobe Flash Player (custom package by jimmsta)]

List of files that go in the HFTOOLS folder

modifype.exe[modifies file heads]