Vladimir's Foray into French

French kitteh


My name is Vladimir and I'm almost 3 years old. Oh, and I'm a cat. I've been learning French so Rygel, my brother, and I can communicate with our new housecat, Juniper. He's older and can be kind of mean and grouchy. I thought maybe he'd be nicer if we made the effort to speak one his languages.

With this website, I want to record my progress and collect some handy resources for other beginners of French. So far, my site offers a dictionary, basic grammar rules, some exercises, and various links to other helpful tools I found on the internet. I almost forgot, feel free to explore the pictures and videos of yours truly in the shrine, er, I mean, gallery my meowmy made of us cats.

If you have any comments or tips, like a useful online dictionary, please go to the contact page and share. Together we can make this site grow and eventually win over Mysterious Juniper.

Vlad & Rygel 01