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The listing below contains only some selected links to get you started with your research. It is by no means meant to be exhaustive.
This page will be checked and updated on a regular basis.
Updated: 12:03 06/12/2012

More specific topical source pages can be delivered on demand.These include country or region specific pages.

Top Search Tips

1. Preparation is key
2. Use at least 3 different Search Tools
3. Use at least 3 Independent sources
4. Search in every language you master
5. First search, then Collate, then Evaluate
6. Search in stages
7. Think sources, not keywords
8. Enter search terms in different order.
9. Use 6-8 Keywords per concept
10. Know and use search language
to lower recall, increase relevance

The better Web searching tools

Reference Starters

Combined Reference tools & Almanacs
Your Dictionary.com
Dictionary.com Also offers a thesaurus, translation, etc...
The free dictionary
Dctionaries Listing

Not really dictionaries, but helpful anyway
Keyword Map Sort of mindmap with different keywords related to your search term
Chatslang The source for finding common used acronyms, emoticons, etc.
Very useful if you want to search Social Media.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
Very brief articles for free.
Major articles require subscription (fee-based).
The largest Internet-only Encyclopaedia.
Intel-Cyclopedia (PDF)
A Guide to Sources of Information for the Intelligence Community.
It is compiled from multiple and various sources of information.
Thesaurus.com From Dictionary.com. Also see Dictionaries
Merriam-Webster Choose Thesaurus from the search box.
Hyperdictionary Thesaurus
MacMillan Dictionary Thesaurus

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Search Tools

Single Search Engines
Tip: Always use the US version of Search Engines.
Use local versions for local searches only.

Google and Bing can be considered to be the 2 most useful SSE for the general user.

Although becoming outdated, still offers unique search features.
The duck is worth the try! Check the !bang commands (under the "More" button.
Get rid off irrelevant stuff using slashtags (/)
Hakia Completely new Startpage and SERP.
Yandex Russia's #1. Runs 5 local versions as well: Russian, Kazachstan, Belarus, Turkey and Ukraine.
Real-time, results delivered in multiple tabs.
Slikk Something in between a SSE and Meta-Search.Choose from which SSE the results are shown: Google (default) or Bing/Yahoo! (to be handpicked via the Options).
Look at: Search Browsing and Multiview

Wolfram Alpha
Computational, Fact retrieval

Listing of alternatives
Top 100 Alternative SE By Charles Knight
Mindmap to find alternative Search Engines

Comparing SERPs
SERP is the acronym for Search Engine Result Page
The following provide you with the possibility to compare the SERP from different SSE.
Twingine Enter a search term and compare Bing & Yahoo
GrabAll Two screens, choose between different SSE
ThumbshotsRanking Compare the number of overlapping hits.
Lost its relevance since Google dropped out.
Soovle Offers "related search terms" for the one you typed from 06 tools. Click on one and it takes you to the result page of that tool.
Search3 Shows results in 3 frames.
Click on the arrow to reveal a drop-down box to change Search tool
Meta-Search Engines
Ixquick Dutch. Doesn't keep any private records of your visit.
Yippy Clusters results.
Carrot² Clusters results. Very graphic, check the Circles and FoamTree
eTools.ch Clusters results.
Serial Search Engines
BrowSys Seems to be on the downside for the moment
Sputtr Allows you to use up to 36 different SE with one single query.
Google Images
Bing Images
Yahoo Images
Best Pictures of Shows results from 4 image sites and SE
Twicsy Twitter's picture SE.

How to find images on the Internet Directory of links to different kind of image and picture sites.

Altered images
These tools allow to find altered versions of a picture
Tiltomo Flickr based
Google Video
Bing Video
Yahoo Video
Yahoo Screen
Search for video

Online TV


Radio Locator
Radio Station World
World Wide Radio
DXing Info Listing of foreign radio stations. Intended for radio-hobbyists. Useful to find radio-amateurs in your region.
Google blogs
Globe of blogs
Global Voices Online Moderated blog and Citizen Media aggregator. Very useful.
Blog Directory
Social Media Searchers
Facebook's Own Search Tool
FB Search
Open Status Search
Facing Facebook Experimental Search Engine to search Facebook's public profiles.

Search Twitter Twitter's own Search Engine
Listorious Find "respected" people on specific topics in Twitter
Followerwonk Search tool to analyse Twitter accounts.
TwitterFall Very useful for real-time searching
Tweetcharts Generate a report of custom data for anything you can search Twitter for:
Twicsy Twitter's picture SE.

Kurrently Searches Facebook and Twitter
Social Searcher Search Engine that enables looking through the big social networks.
A nice feature is the “Buzz” which works as a meta-search engine across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
World Map of Social Networks Updated every 6 months (July - December)
We know what you are doing Facebook postings, Foursquare location finder. Pure fun!
User Generated (Web 2.0) Tools
The following list contains User Generated Search Tools.
You can create your own Customised SE using your Google acccount. Find out more.

Zakta Personal and social Web search engine where you can find, personalise, share and discover information.
Vertical SE
Google Books
ZoomInfo Company Profiles
PIPL Global People finder
QuoteCoil Search for the quote to lighten up your presentation or report.
SnappyFingers Search and find the most asked FAQ in your topic of interest.
"Scientific" SE
Google Scholar
Microsoft Academic Search
CiteSeerX CiteSeerX allows you to find citations.
Scientific Commons Access to free scientific information.
Discovery tools
These sites allow you to discover sites with a similar content than your target website.
You can also try the command in Google and choose "Similar to"
Similarpages Simply type in a URL in the search box and it will return a good listing of related or similar sites.
Similar Sites
Similar Site Search

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Directories & Portals

General Directories
Open Directory Project
Yahoo! Directory
WWW Virtual Library The oldest, created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the Web
EiNet.net Created back in 1994.
Digital Librarian
WebWatch Belgian based Directory Dutch Version
WebWatch Belgian based Directory, French Version
Pinakes Offers links to the major specialised directories.
Specialised Directories
BUBL No longer updated. Still extremely useful.
InfoMine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
IPL2 Merger between the Internet Public Library (IPL)
and the Librarian's Internet Index (LII)
Search Engine Colossus Directory to Search Engines Worldwide.
Governments on the Web Although Not updated since 2002 still useful resource.
More than 17.000 entries from 220 countries & territories.
Worldwide database of Embassies
Directory of Open Access Journals
Directory of Open Access Books Download full text books for free.
World Wide Science.org The global science gateway.
General Portals
Startpagina.be In Dutch
BricaBrac.be In French
Topic Specific Portals
OSINT Portals
Reuser's New Repertorium The tool designed and maintained by Europe's #1 OSINT Specialist, Arno Reuser.
Ran Hock's OSINT PortalDeveloped and maintained by Dr. Ran Hock, one of the leading figures within Web Searching.
Toddington Research Sources
i-Intelligence Resources

Media/News Portals Also see News
ABYZ Newslinks
Kidon Media Links
Online Newspapers Global Newspaper Directory
All Newspapers
Guide Presse French directory that lists French newspapers and magazines.
Hubii Zoom in to any location on Google Maps and find locals newspapers agencies in the region.
Old Maps Online Portal providing access to a collection of historical maps in libraries around the world.

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Internet Tools & Resources

Internet Society
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Association
IANA Database of Top Level Domain names
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
RIPE European Regional Internet Registry (RIR). Search the database to check IP-addresses.
Site Investigation Tools
In Google you can use the [info:URL] command. Example here
Alexa Site Info
Open Site Explorer
WayBack Machine
Convert Host/domain Name to IP & vice versa
CentralOps.net Offers a listing of free to use online network tools.
SiteTrail Analysis
Dawhois Offers some useful features like Site Info, Visual Traceroute and Whois Check.
Internet statistics
ClickZ Stats
NetMarketShare Data on significant trends for internet usage, browser usage, mobile trends, etc.
Experian Hitwise
Internet WorldStats Usage and population statistics
W3Counter Global Web Stats
W3Schools Browser Statistics
Internet Traffic report The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world.
Online Privacy & Security
The Onion Router (TOR) is a tool that allows an "anonymous" Internetconnection.
TOR works by default in the Mozilla Firefox Browser.
Ghostery Ghostery is a plug-in that blocks trackers on a website,
so that your personal information is not being transferred to third parties.
WOT Web Of Trust (WOT) is a plug-in that can help you
to identify whether a website is known to have mailicious coding.
Panopticlick Click on "Test me" to see how unique your browser is.
Stay Invisible Checks your browser to identify what it shares with the websites you visit.
Priveazy Find out almost everything about online privacy.
What They Know
Checks whether apps on IPhone or Android share data with the app developer or also with third parties.

For a complete listing of available add-ons, extensions, or whatever they are being called
Firefox Privacy & security add-ons
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Homepage
Opera Extensions
Chrome Extensions Webstore
IE9 Add-ons Gallery Choose "Tracking Protection Lists"

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The Deep Web

Deep Web Search Tools
Complete Planet
Valuable Deep Web Sites
Arms Transfer Database
Global Terrorism Database
Real Time Satellite Tracking

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Belgian Libraries
National Library French version
National Library Dutch version
Common catalogue of Federal Libraries In Dutch
Common catalogue of Federal Libraries In French
Military Libraries
Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Digital Library
Pentagon Library
Military Libraries on the Web
International Libraries
National Library of the Netherlands
National Library of France
British National Library
Berlin State Library
U.S. Library of Congress Considered the largest Library of the World.
National Library of Russia
Cambridge Digital Library From the Cambridge University, a rather new collection.
Worldcat Connects collections of more than 10.000 libraries around the globe.
OAIster Access to +25 million records representing digital resources from more than 1,100 contributors> Also available via WorldCat.
The European Library Offers free online access to the collections of national and research libraries in 46 countries.

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Useful starting points for Intel & Security


General Intelligence

The following links provide you with some general Intelligence interest content.
Mainly free content
Reuser's Intelligence Catalogue
A catalogue of books, reports, articles etc,
indexed by author(s), titlewords, main entry, journal name, publisher, serial title and keyword.
Maintained and built by Arno HP REUSER.
Loyola College Portal site
Center for Defense Information
Encyclopaedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security
Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
Secrecy News A webpage form FAS
Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB)
Archive of all MIPB issues
Gateway to Intelligence
Global Security
Literature of Intelligence
Mario's Cyberspace Station
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Werzit Intel
Collection of links to authors, books, analysts, etc
Law Enforcement Intelligence
A guide (in pdf) for Law Enforcement Agencies
The Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch Association
International Relations & Security Network
Mercyhurst College
Institute for Intelligence Studies
National Security Archiive From the George Washington University offers a wealth of declassified U.S. documents.
Mainly fee-based content
Jane's Information Group
Stratfor Free Intelligence Reports
Economist Intelligence Unit

Alliance Geostratégique
Sources and Methods
New Risks