How to root Dapeng A7 mtk 6573

First get the tools

MT65x3 USB VCOM drivers
SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00

To get Root

Download tools.rar

flash on windows 7 64 bit

install the drivers and be sure that your phone is reconized by windows.
Under device manager you see android phone

Next start the flash tool
Be sure usb mode is on

Next select the recovey image just by select recovery clicking on recovery.
Now search for the image you extraxt of 592zn.com_recovery_DaPeng_A7_MT6573
load the scatter file

With phone completly switched off, press F9
(or hit Download button - the third one with an arrow)
to start download and when the countdown starts
connect the USB data cable into your phone.
To make sure your phone is completely turned off,
remove the battery and replace it after a few seconds.
If everything is good the flash only take about 5 sec.
you see a yellow line passing the screen.

Reboot your device and hit volume up and power until you see the android.
releast the buttons and now you got your new recovery.
the touch buttons doesnít work anymore,just scroll with vol +- ans select with the power button.

Your new recovery has now some extra featureís

1.Reboot system now
     - reboot the device.

2.USB-MS toggle
     - on and turn off "card reader" (you should double-click "menus" to disable the need to once again press the "Menu").

3.Backup / Restore
    - Menu backup and recovery. It has the following items:
        * Boot - Save the boot block of the system.
        * System - Preservation of the directory / system.
        * Data - Saving the directory / data.
        * Cache - Saving the directory / system.
        * Recovery - Preserving the memory block, which set this menu
        * Sd-ext - Save an additional partition on the flash drive.
        *. Android_secure - Saving the directory /. Android_secure (here the system moves installed programs).
            This punkut need to use if you want to experiment with the firmware (the version which is different from the one that you have installed), using the same SD card.
            In general, for reliability, I recommend to put all the checkboxes.
            To start the backup selections click the menu item titled "Perform Backup".
            All copies are created in the folder "nandroid" on the SD card. Unlimited number of copies. The name is created based on the current time.

    - Nand backup - backing up the internal memory of the device, including firmware, all user data and settings, as well as all installed applications.
    - Nand restore - restore the backup.
    - Backup Google proprietary system files - make a backup of system files from your Google / cache / google.
    - Restore Google proprietary system files - restore system files from your Google / cache / google.

4.Flash zip menu - menu of firmware. Zip files

    - Flash zip from Sdcard - stitches the files in the format *. Zip, files can be located in any folder on the sd-card.
    - Toggle Sugnature Verify - enables / disables zip file with the firmware, allows to flash the firmware is not signed.

5. Wipe - menu posveschennoe destruction of files.

    - Wipe ALL data / factory reset - serves as a standard program of complete discharge device (Hard Reset). Erases all user data, including the programs installed on the sd-card.
    - Wipe / data - erases the contents of the folder "/ data".
    - Wipe cache - deletes the contents of the folder "/ cache".
    - Wipe / sdcard / .adnroid_secure - removes all data from the folder ". Adnroid_secure" - this folder contains the program transferred to the sd-card standard operating system.
    - Wipe / sd-ext - removes all data from an extended partition an SD card.
    - Wipe Dalvik-cache - deletes the entire cache was created virtulnogo machine Dalvik.
    - Wipe battery stats - delete statistics using the battery, reset the battery gauge.
    - Wipe rotate settings - resets the calibration of the sensor position.

6.Partition sdcard - menu posveschennoe formatting the SD card and create an extended partition.

    - Swap-size - the size of the swap file, it is recommended to install 0Mb (selected by kalish "Volume +" and "volume-'), as any benefit from him.
    - Ext2-size the size of the extended partition with the system faylvoy "ext2" on the SD card.
    - Fat32 = remainder the remaining amount of partition faylvoy system "FAT32" on the SD card.
        - Partition SD - format the card, you will need to select the following options:
        - Repair SD: ext - extended partition recovery.
        - SD: ext2 to ext3 - Convert file system from an extended partition in the ext2 ext3.
        - SD: ext3 to ext4 - the same way.

7. Mounts - Menu opens the access to certain directories in the terminal.

    - Mount / system - gives access to the folder "/ system".
    - Unmount / cache - block access to the folder "/ cache".
    - Mount / data - gives you access to the folder "/ data".
    - Mount / sd-ext - provides access to an additional section of the SD card.
    - Mount / sdcard - open access to the main section of the SD card.

8. Other - additional menu fuktsy.

    - Fix apk uid mismatches - unknown to science point
    - Move recovery.log to SD - writes a log of the Custom Recovery Menu to the SD card.
    - Debugging Test Key Codes - checking of hardware keys.
    - Wipe Sdcard - clean SD card (similar to a quick format in windsurfing).

To create a 100% backup contains your personal data and user program in the Backup / Restore -> Nandroid backup you want to select:
        [x] boot
        [x] system
        [x] data
        [x] cache
        [x] .android_secure

To create a backup in the form of firmware does not contain your personal data and user program in the Backup / Restore -> Nandroid backup you want to select:
        [x] boot
        [x] system

To restore from a backup
To try firmware made in the form of backup, you must:
Perform "Wipe" -> "Wipe ALL data / factory reset".
Run "Backup / Restore" -> "Nandroid restore" and select the backup.

! Note. For example for a smartphone A7+ nested files and folders should be as follows:
        -->nandroid.md5 backups saves in the / sdcard / nandroid / , and then a subfolder with the date and time in GMT. When restoring a backup you choose manually.
A. Note! After a reset to factory default settings through the menu Android, this recovery does not restart the phone automatically. Therefore, as soon as it shows the menu, restart it manually.
Two. Note! If you are in the process of creating a backup or restore from it an error: Oops ... something went wrong!,
we first connect the charger to the phone. If the problem is not solved, then follow the menu item "Other" -> "Move recovery.log to SD" and provide the / sdcard / recovery.log. Try to understand.

Now we go for the root

put your file on your sd card.
boot into recovery an select update zip from sd
reboot the phone and bam superuser is installed.

Enjoy your root.
Iím not responsibble for any broken smartphone.
For what i read on forums the mtk6573 platform cannot brick
After root en set cpu to 806mhz stable