how do we put a Japanese hakama on the right way?

1. you'll need a belt thats 3 times the lenght of your waist plus some extra for a dubble knot. the best for this, is judo-/ karate-belt that isn't stitched and you can buy per metre.

long belt
belt with the dubble knot

2. take the front a the hakama and pull it above the belt. take those ribbons above the belt to the back, then croos them an take them back to the front under the belt. then mate a single knot and a bow.

front above the belt
crossed at the back
front under the belt
back under the belt and knot

3. take the backplate and pull it over both knots. pull those ribbons under all the other ribbons and the belt (against the vest) to the front on both sides.

backplate over the knots
riboons under all the other ribbons and belt

4. knot those ribbons in the middel of the front. wrap 1 ribbon losely aroud your hand, but keep it in the middle. wrap the ohter ribbon aroud the first one to make a Japanese bow.

first ribbon
Japanese bow