how to make a Japanese vest / kimono without sleeves?

1. measure and cut all parts according the technicle drawing below. before cutting add 1cm for the seams and hems.

technicle drawing for the measurements
all parts

2. stitch the ribbon for the neckline to 1 long piece.

1 long ribbon

3. stitch the schoulders together and finnish it off with a overlockstitch (or zig-zag).

schoulderseams together
overlocking of the schoulderseams
finished schoulderseams

4. pin the ribbon onto the front and neckline on the inside of the fabric and start pinning in the middle of the neck. stitch it, fold 1cm of the side of the ribbon in and dubbel-up against the good side of the fabric.stitch once the ribbon is pinned in place.

pinned ribbon
stitched ribbon
fold in 1cm
pinned on the good side of the fabric
finished front and neckline

5. overlock (or zig-zag) first the sides of the vest, fold the vest at the schoulders, but leave ± 40 cm from the schoulders down for the arms and stitsh it close.

pinned sides
stitched sides

6. finnish the armholes by folding the fabric 1cm in and stitch it.

armholes pinned
finnished armholes

7. overlock (or zig-zag) the bottom of the vest and hem it 1cm.


8. finnished vest (this vest is a Jedi-vest that goes other the other vests).

finnished vest