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The best raceboom in the world !!

Nieuw, met garantie voor 610 euro indien ik er meer dan drie bestel

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New Maximum boom in Maximum demand.

Continous carbon front and rear end, extra wide RBE. Egg-shaped small-diameter grip, widened overall body, unbelievably stiff performance, gulftech durability.
Gultech founder Don McCormick set up an entirely new factory just to produce these boom. His mission was to make the best race boom in the world, for todays huge Formula Racing Sails, According all tests and team riders so far, he has succeeded. These gulftechs have much smoother adjustability than their predecessers. About the same overall weight, and are stiffer than the standard set by gulftech with the superboom two years ago

The new Gulftech Maximum Race boom has made it’s debut, and so far the reviews are a rave. Team Rider Devon Boulon has been testing this boom in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and his new Maximums are the envy of all of his training partners! The Maximum is a totally serious race boom designed for the huge race sails being used all over the world today. The range on the new Maximum is 250-310cm, it is incredibly stiff, and has a really nice “egg shaped” ergonomic grip. Suggested retail in the US is $895

Streamlined frontend: 85 euro

WindWing Formula Race sails: vb: 10,8 m² 550 euro LINK
Changes for 2005 include:
1) Revised planform - Lower AR for better feedback/downwind.
2) Wider sleeves.
3) Battens - positioned to align with flow, increased number, revised flex.
4) New Roller Cams
5) Lighter weight.

Gultech G100 Mast 520 cm 500 euro

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