'STRAP-ON' Boom Heads

Streamlined frontend: 85 euro

The 'Strap-on' boom head is another 'ground breaking' innovation from Streamlined. It is the first aluminum boom head. This design sets a new level of performance because you get a stable, rigid, controllable connection between the boom and the mast. And then there is incredible strength and durability, the boom head is no longer the weakest link of the rig.

For more on the 'Strap-on' check out the interview with David Dominy from the Windsurfing Magazine. A sturdy cast aluminum frame incorporates resilient urethane bushings to isolate and cushion the connection between your carbon boom and mast. This design assures the boom head will not accumulate flex over time, as do its plastic counterparts. Two independent stainless steel clamps together with the rugged straps, rigs quickly and securely to your mast and doesn't slip.

The 'Strap-on' weighs in at 381 grams (13.5 ounces). For comparison, the Hawaiian Pro Line head, the lightest on the market, weighs only 45 grams (1.5 ounces) less. We offer five models, which are exactly the same except for the boom bushing, which are sized to the particular boom diameter they are to fit. Installation is a matter of four screws, very similar to mounting handlebars on a bicycle or a motorcycle.