The configuration of the Baron is done by means of a configuration file. It is important to realize that this is also true when using the UCI protocol. As the Baron is basically a winboard engine, and using a UCI adapter to be able to play chess in a UCI GUI, it cannot use the possibilities that the UCI protocol provides to change the configuration (e.g. hash sizes) from the GUI.

A sample configuration file with some explanations and default values is included in the Baron distribution. An explanation of the parameters can also be found in the readme file that is also part of the distribution.

The configuration file must be used to set basic configuration parameters like the size of the used hashtables, location of the Nalimov EGTB’s. When the configuration file is not adapted properly, the Baron may be playing without tablebases, openingbooks, with little hash tables etc.

A configuration file has the extension .ini. The default configuration file has the name baron.ini. However, it is possible to choose the name of the configuration to use when starting the Baron by providing a parameter. So by starting the baron with e.g. ‘baron noegtb’ it is possible to instruct the Baron not to use the standard baron.ini file, but a noegtb.ini file instead. Obviously, this can be used to create several configurations inside one GUI, and with one installed version of the Baron, to have optimal configuration for different purposes (like engine-engine play with less hash, analysis with maximum hash, play without learning, etc.)