The Baron, Gambler and the accompanying files are provided here for your own private use. Meaning that you are allowed to download and use it for playing chess, organising your own private tournaments, and similar activities.

Without explicit permission from the author (which is me) it is not allowed to:

  • Sell the Baron or Gambler or parts of it
  • Publish the Baron, Gambler (or parts) on a website, CD, DVD or any other bearer

Parts of the Baron have been created by others and bear their copyright. A full list is provided as part of the distribution, but I want to mention the following explicitly:

    The Opening Books are provided by Carlos Pesce and Arturo Ochoa

    The WB2UCI adapter has been created by Odd Gunnar Malin

    The Endgame Tablebase access and compression software is created by Eugene Nalimov and Andrew Kadatch

    The Baron logo that is also displayed on this site is created by Wilhelm Hudetz

    The PthreadVC2.dll that is used since version 1.7.0 of the Baron is part of pthreads-win32 and is provided by Ross P. Johnsson. It is provided under the Lesser GNU Public License which is included in the distribution.

Some releases of the Baron and Gambler have been created using unsupported software tools. The reason for that is usually that it was giving better performance than other available tools. Although I tested these versions, I cannot guarantee that running any version of the Baron or Gambler will not cause problems on some systems. So downloading and running the Baron or Gambler is at your own risk.