Future Developments

The future is unknown.

But at least the plans are to make the Baron stronger. I know you would have expected that.

When the Baron was under development for 6 years, it is time to leave the current project and start a new engine where the lessons learned in those 6 years could be put into practice. The result is a smaller engine, with less bugs and increased strength. The Baron 2.23 is therefor the last one of its kind. The Baron 3.x is based on the new program (which appeared in some tournaments under the name: Crash Test Dummy).

The Baron 3.x is a private engine. There are three reasons for me to keep the Baron private from now on:

1. The Baron is approaching the strength of the commercial engines. Although I have no plans to release a commercial version of the Baron, I believe I should not give it away anymore.

2. I receive hardly any feedback from those that are downloading the Baron. Despite the fact that on the first day of a new release, about 300 downloads were registered, the only persons who send me comments on the Baron are those that I was sending it to by mail anyway.

3. I am participating regularly in computer chess tournaments. Having a public release of my engine helps my opponents by giving them an engine to test against, which helps to fix the weaknesses in their engine that the Baron could have used to exploit.

But ... if you really want to help: Send me an email with a proposal on what you can do. I can always use some additional comments.