After the WCCC 2009 in Pamplona I decided to make a little detour from chess programming and start a Havannah program. Things that appealed to me were the lack of good programs, the new techniques I would have to learn and the simple rules of the game.

The result of this effort is the program ‘Gambler’. The name refers to the Monte Carlo Tree Search used in this program which is heavily depending on random game playouts.

In September 2009 a first version was made available for download. Unfortunately this version had a number of problems that, badly enough, emerged during its first tournament in Jena in November 2009. These problems were corrected and a downloadable version of the corrected program is available here. As a bonus also a 64-bits version is added that will allow for bigger search tables.

Since then I’ve used the framework that I created for the Havannah program also for an ‘Einstein Würfelt Nicht’ program that won the bronze medal at the Computer Games Olympiad of 2011 in Tilburg. And possibly other games will be supported in the future.