The downloadable version of the Baron is a chess-engine that uses the winboard protocol to communicate with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It is possible to use the UCI protocol as well by using an adapter that is supplied with the Baron.

Some examples of GUI’s are:

  • Winboard
  • Arena
  • Shredder Classic (commercial, UCI only)
  • Fritz (commercial, UCI only)
  • To be able to use the Baron you will have to unzip the package into one folder.  If you have multiple versions of the Baron, I recommend using separate folders for each version. The Bookfiles are best located in the same folder as the other files of the Baron. It is possible to save some space (if you have multiple versions of the Baron) by creating a separate folder for the bookfiles, but then you’ll have to do some additional configuration work.

    If you want to use the winboard protocol for the Baron, the executable file baron.exe is the one to use. For using UCI, the file baronUCI.exe will automatically launch the Baron with a UCI adapter.

    I am not going to provide a manual on how to install the Baron in each and every user interface. Instead, you will have to check the manual of the GUI.