Latest Version

The Baron

The latest downloadable version of the Baron is version 2.23. The Baron uses parts from the Posix threads library. As Windows does not support Posix threads by itself,  a dll that provides that support has been added to the distribution.

There are three different distributions of the Baron. One for standard chess, one for Chess960 and one linux distribution. The latest version is only available in a standard chess version.

The opening book that is used with previous versions can still be used.

Windows version:

  • Standard Chess (2.23)
  • Chess 960 (2.23)
  • Linux version (1.7.0):

  • Standard Chess
  • Opening book (for both Windows and Linux) by Arturo Ochoa


    Gambler is a Havannah program which is still in early stages of development. The version on this page is version 0.3. Only a windows version is available.