Tournament Results

The Baron has played several tournaments. On this site I only cover the tournaments that the Baron has played in relatively long time control and on its own machine. Although I value the tournaments that others are playing, I do not want to cover those on my own site. Usually the organisers did a great job of doing that themselves and I have little to add to that. You can find links to several competitions and tournaments in the links section.

In most tournaments that I cover here, all players were travelling to the same location. Even in this Internet Era this is still a preferred format to me. The reason is not that it cannot be done using the internet, but that meeting the other programmers and fans in person is something that you miss in online events. Another reason is of course that the number of online events is still very limited.

I will do my best to describe all events that the Baron participated in, but as some of them happened quite some time ago, the report may be short at times.

The last couple of years maintenance of this site has been non-existent and no new tournament reports were added despite that the Baron did participate in quite a few tournaments. I hope to correct this in the coming months.