The WCCC is the classic world championship. Usually this is the strongest tournament of the year. I have wanted to join in multiple instances of it, but there was a blocking reason every time. In Maastricht 2002 I felt the Baron was not ready, and besides that I ran out of holidays. During Graz 2003 my twin daughters had their birthday. At their age it would not have been nice of me not to be there. And in Ramat-Gan I came close to registering, but my family vetoed my plans due to the perceived unsafe situation in Israel.

Reykjavik 2005 was announced quite late and was planned directly after the Chess Classic. This made it hard for me to join, so I basically accepted that once again I would not join the  world championships. However, the organisation requested me to send the Baron to them, and they arranged for a local operator and computer. So finally the Baron participated in a WCCC.

  • 2005 Reykjavik
  • 2007 Amsterdam
  • 2008 Pamplona
  • 2009 Beijing
  • 2011 Tilburg