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WOFO = with others, for others

What's WoFo?
Is it the melodic meanders and warm clarinet sound of Mattias Laga? Or the now honking, then lyrical tenor sax of Michel Mast? The refined harmonic sensitivity in Stijn Engels' piano playing? The diverse & colorful compositions of Xavier Verhelst or his guitaristic approach of the bass? The communicative energy and intuitive feel for the right sound in Antoon Kindekens's drumming?

photo: Frank Bassleer

Wofo is:
Mattias Laga: clarinet & bass clarinet
Michel Mast: tenor saxophone
Stijn Engels: piano
Xavier Verhelst: bass guitar, compositions
Antoon Kindekens: drums

WoFo is more than just the sum of these elements ; it's a tight band with it's own specific identity, sound, dynamism and style.

In 2008 a first cd, "The Complete Ham Sessions" was released, with very positive reactions from both public and press. The 2009 cd "Tweedt", features nine new compositions of Xavier Verhelst in which the sonic world of WoFo is further expanded. In the mean time, the band acquired a strong presence on stage and sounds tighter than ever.

One could compare WoFo's music with a stew in which freshly chopped classical ingredients, simmering in funky oil, with a healthy dose of jazz and some hot latin spices, all add to a smooth, rich & tastefull dish.

To put it briefly: WoFo is a group.

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