excentric chamberjazz and vintage electronics
influences : jazz, rock, techno, impro, film, contemporary music
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Music reminiscent of Frank Zappa or a slightly drunken dance band, the music has a humorous touch with electronic elements giving a certain retro sound.
(De Standaard)

A tasty hommage to Raymond Scott!

With Dijf Sanders as electronic wizard and fantastic images of videomaker Victor van Rossem, Imagine Raymond was a beautiful concert in image and music, challenging and stimulating.
(Dick Hovenga,

JazzLab Series Tour 2018
De Muze, Heusden
Nona, Mechelen
Handelsbeurs, Gent
De Werf, Brugge
CC Kasino, Koksijde
Flagey, Brussel
De Casino, St. Niklaas
Rataplan, Antwerpen
Het Perron, Ieper

Imagine Raymond reaches for the spirit of one of the most brilliant, quirky, and yet underrated musicians of the 20th century, Raymond Scott, but with the ultimate goal of transcending the ‘tribute'.

Raymond Scott's music is most famous for its association with the cartoons of Warner Bros., though he didn’t write the music for these cartoons, had no interest and never looked at them. But what if we combine the hyperkinetic music and sci-fi electronics with other images? This is one of the questions Imagine Raymond is asking.

Imagine Raymond presents alongside the music, new images created by the contemporary vision of artist Victor Van Rossem. The research on the interaction between Raymond Scott's acoustic and electronic compositions is extended to the visual level. Archival material, mainly home movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s, shot on 8mm celluloid, are being manipulated in real time by means of patching, bending data and other digital technologies.

Imagine Raymond is a unique sound/image experience that will captivate both Scott afficionados and a broad, uninitiated audience. A combination of music and image, it is equally at home in a concert hall or theater.


Mattias Laga - clarinets
Jon Birdsong - cornet
Michel Mast - tenor sax
Stijn Engels - piano
Dijf Sanders - elektronica
Xavier Verhelst - bass
Jonathan Callens - drums
Victor Van Rossem - visuals>

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Imagine Raymond - Rhythm Modulator (Live at Handelsbeurs, Gent)
Imagine Raymond - Devil Drums (Live at Handelsbeurs, Ghent)
Imagine Raymond - Bassline Generator (Live at Handelsbeurs, Ghent)
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