Build up


The combination of EFIS and analogue works fine, except for the space between the instruments. Because the TFT screen is 23,5 cm wide and the EFIS screen is 10,5 cm, it leaves an unrealistic gap of 12 cm to fill (6 cm from each side. I cheated a little with the bezel, about 1 cm from either side, but still, You don't have the cluster effect.)
The panel itself is laser cut 2mm thick aluminum. The grey is not really paint, but a primer. The panel comes in 2 peaces; the captains panel and the radio panel. The engine instruments is a problem for now. Simkits is working on some solutions. I heard that a twin engine cockpit is being taken into consideration, with specific engine instruments like torque and RPM, all with one needle. So I guess that by the time I save enough money, the will issue something that might suit my needs. For the moment, I will strip another LCD and have the engines simulated as a kind of EICAS system.







Graphic card


 Pentium 4, 3 Mhz clock, 512 MB RAM

 Nvidia 5900 128 MB