Goflight is a producer of USB modules that interface between you and FS. With such modules, you don't have to use the keyboard anymore. Goflight modules come as cheap as 99 US$, which is cheap compared to other solutions. The MCP (autopilot) and radio modules are probably the cheapest solution in the whole FS community, and the setup is very, very simple. You hook up the USB and asign a command with the setup software. That'all.

Although I don't use the software in my cockpit setup (this might change later, because the older EFIS instruments can be used to simulate Fokker-like EFIS gauges) I still had a lot of fun flying Enrico's software. It is the most real thing next to the real thing. And this was confirmed by a real pilot. So it's worthwhile to look at this website (it was revamped a few weeks ago)

Instead of the Glass Cockpit, I use the EFIS gauges from reality XP. They are quite established in the FS community, and their reputation is strong when it comes to leading new technology, with GPS gauges or EFIS type gauges. I use the Jetline2 suite, but you also have the jetline4 suite, which is a full glass cockpit for modern commuter turboprops like the Saab 2000.

Simkits is of course the ultimate kick for the simulation enthusiast. Real gauges, real touch'n feel. What can I say. it's the best thing and I know it's used in real simulators from the real cockpit company (the motherhouse of simkits builds real Cessna simulators and they are currently working on a R44 Raven helicopter cockpit, called TRC2244. check it out here and you'll understand what I mean.)