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Boris Wintein

I am a 20-something webdeveloper with a passion for coding, scripting and painting. I love to discover the inner workings of OS'es and servers. I love adventure and going places without knowing what to expect. I adore longboarding, skateboarding, and wild things. Hire me!

Who am I?


My name is Boris, I am a 20-something (I keep on getting older) Junior Developer in a couple of interesting languages (I keep on learning more!). My main focus is on PHP and Java EE, with these two tools I try to create rich experiences and interesting websites, applications and games. With usability and user experience in mind I love to craft complex structures and analyse complicated problems block by block, I'm always up for a new challenge, whether it's trying to write a web-server in a language I don't know (I tried to write one in C. That didn't really work out like I wanted it to work out) or handling large quantities of data. I'm pretty confident that I'm the one you're looking for, and I love to take on any challenge you might have in mind. Why don't you test me out?

Why Java?

Java was the next logical step into my personal development after mastering PHP and Javascript. I wanted to learn how to create full blown application that can be stand-alone and do not require a webconnection to work. I wanted to be able to distribute my work as a program and no longer a server-side application.

Java gives me exactly this, both the freedom to be able to create programs as the framework to be cross-platform. This is exactly why I've started my training in the language, and this is exactly why I've grown fond of it.


Work in PHP
Eric Goeminne
Front and Backend dev for a cateror

Completely rewrote the OSCommerce system, both back and frontend including admin-panel to deal with custom measurments instead of units.

Club FM
Front and Backend dev for a Belgian radio-station

Rewrote the basic CMS-system to custom CMS for this radiostation. Added a plugin to create a schedule for all the different programs. Real-time updates were implemented so that the user could always see who was playing what at the current time. This included keeping track of the playlist so users could search for their favorite song in the database.

The client also needed an easy way to include contests in certain pages, which I made spamproof with a few control-mechanisms yet easy to use for visitors.

Family Radio
Front and Backend dev for a Belgian radio-station

This project was pretty much the same as the Club FM site with the addition a polling system and a system to show the top 100 flemish hits.

Front and Backend dev for a Belgian webshop in school supplies

I had to build on the old webshop code that was currently installed on the production server. This old version of OsCommerce contained quite a few security holes that first had to be fixed. Afterwards the shopping cart was completely rewritting following OO-factory principles to ensure flexibility. Usergroups were introduced so that users could possibly have more than one shopping list which can then be combined to send as a "wishlist" to a superuser. In this case the teachers had to ask principals if they could order certain products. Teachers were invited to the system through an unique link system.

Benefex Platform for SSO login via SAML

Implementation of SSO via SAML was needed for one of the Ekivita projects. Security against XSS/Spoofing was added to our default CMS together with Certificate control and more.

Reviews Plugin

Implementation of a basic reviewing system to rate products in a webshop on their qualities. Administrator can decide wether text and/or starbased reviews can be posted by the user. From the adminpanel it is possible to change/delete reviews and mail to the reviewer.

Questions Plugin

Implementation of a questions-plugin. This allowed a user to post questions about products on their product-page, these could be answered through the adminpanel. The user that asked the question is then notified by mail that an answer was posted, together with a snippet and a link to the product page, engaging users more to buy the product.

Mailpiping / Ticketingservice
A basic ticketing service

A basic ticketing service that was made to make the workload less straining by dividing incoming mails into projets and tickets. So that an overview was maintained and projects could be finished correctly. This project was however terminated in beta-stages due to another offline computerbased solution


You probably want to read this in your sofa, download this CV as:

Name: Boris Wintein Email:
Date of Birth: 31'st of January 1990 Telephone: +32 (0)50 36 21 99 / +32 (0)472 87 47 98
Nationality: Belgian Driver's License I have it!
Type Location Year
Opleiding Java EE Developer Gent 2013
IBO Webeveloper & Webdesigner Oostkamp 2011 - 2012
1BA "Devine" - Webdevelopment & Webdesign Kortrijk 2010 - 2011
1BA Wijsbegeerte Gent 2009 - 2010
Digital Arts, Film & Entertainment Brugge 2011 - 2021
Period Position Location
2012 - 2013 Junior Developer SumoCoders
Category Webdevelopment Front- & Backend
Function Backenddevelopment in PHP, JS, HTML
Contact: +32 (0)93 95 02 51
Reference Tijs Verkoyen
2011 - 2012

Webdeveloper ABOservice

Category Webdevelopment & Webdesign
Function Developer Front- & Backend
Contact: +32 (0)50 37 36 47
Reference Mattias Strubbe - Project Manager
Subject Competence
MS Word Proficient
MS Excel Proficient
Adobe Dreamweaver Proficient
Adobe Flash Builder Proficient
Jetbrains PHPStorm Proficient
Netbeans Hands-on
Eclipse Hands-on
Adobe Photoshop Trained
Adobe Flash Trained
Adobe Illustrator Trained
Autodesk 3ds MAX Hands-on
Programming structures and tools
OOP Mastered
MVC Mastered
GIT Proficient
SVN Proficient
Maven Proficient
JUnit Hands-on
Actionscript 3.0 Advanced
PHP Advanced
PHP-OsCommerce Advanced
PHP-smarty Basics
PHP-Zend Basics
MySQL Advanced
HTML 1.0 Strict Advanced
HTML 5 Basics
JavaScript Basics
JavaScript JQUERY Advanced
Java Advanced
CSS 2 Advanced
CSS 3 Basics
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