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Linux Lunar Lander

Here Penguins from the planet earth first set paw upon the Moon
We came in peace for all Operating Systems

To Boldly Go Where No Penguin Has Ever Gone Before
In this game you have to fly a LM (Lunar Module) during its last stage of descent towards the surface of the moon. If you can make a soft touch-down with a limited amount of fuel in your tanks, this will be a small step for penguin ..., otherwise you'll become just another crater in the lunar soil.

Download the latest version of Linux Lunar Lander: LLL-1.5.
A Portuguese version is available here (created by Daniel Pontello)

Linux Shuttle Lander

Land the Flying Brick
In this game you fly a space shuttle during it's last fase of approach and landing. The difficulty is that you don't have any fuel left in your tanks, so you have to fly the shuttle as a glider. This means that you only have one attempt to land.

Download latest version of Linux Shuttle Lander: LSL-1.3.
A Portuguese version is available here (created by Daniel Pontello)

Open your mind, Open your source
All this games are licensed under the GPL.

System Requirements
First of all, you need GNU/Linux. I have tested it on a Debian 3.0 system, but it should work on any current distribution.
You also need the SDL development libraries, you can download them from
Debian users can install these libraries with the command:
apt-get install libsdl-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev


Links: SDL SFont

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