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To explore this website simply click pictures or underlinded texts to be redirected to any further contents.

|- Use the button next to each image for viewing each picture's livestream in popup,-|
|- please respect a limited upstream capacity and only stream data when looking      -|

==> if a cam is delaying, it's offline and then i will notice eventually and reconnect it
*the streaming of any cams here is not compatible with the internet explorer browser; for some reason that will download a stream to a video-file on your harddrive, sorry *

*Hardware used are 2 wired ethernet camera's and the rest are android mobile phones with a app from the appstore installed and running (making them effectively into wireless batterypowered & preview on screen - camera devices )*" transferdata

Contacting me is possible by using one of the ways below :

kreynet irc , #thomasdb


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